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Solar thermo refers to the use of solar radiation heat.

In addition to solar water heater, solar house, solar oven, solar greenhouse, solar drying system, solar soil disinfection and sterilization technology, etc.

Solar thermal power generation is an important aspect of solar thermal utilization. This technology uses a collector to concentrate solar radiation heat energy to feed water for heating and generate steam, and then generate electricity through steam turbine and generator. According to different heat collection methods, it can be divided into high-temperature power generation and low-temperature power generation.

If solar energy is used to solve the energy consumption of hot water, heating, air conditioning and lighting in the building in an all-round way, it will be the most ideal scheme. The integrated research and implementation of solar energy and buildings (including high-rise buildings) is an important direction for the future development and utilization of solar energy, and also the fundamental for the whole solar energy industry to do great work. Although there is no real progress in this regard, we believe that there will be a breakthrough in the near future due to the demand and the efforts of the whole world.

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