Category: Solar PV System

According to the application form, application scale and load type of solar photovoltaic system, the photovoltaic power supply system is divided in detail. The photovoltaic system can also be divided into the following six types: small DC, simple DC, large DC, AC and DC power supply systems

(AC / DC); utility grid connect; hybrid; hybrid.

Advantages: photovoltaic system is called the most ideal new energy. ① there is no danger of exhaustion; ② it is safe, reliable, noiseless, pollution-free, and absolutely clean (pollution-free); ③ it is not limited by the resource distribution area, and it can make use of the advantages of the building roof; ④ it can generate electricity and power on site without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines; ⑤ it has high energy quality; ⑥ it is easy for users to accept emotionally; ⑦ it has short construction period and energy consumption It’s short.

Disadvantages: ① the energy distribution density of irradiation is small, that is, it needs to occupy a large area; ② the energy obtained is related to the weather conditions of four seasons, day and night, cloudy and sunny. Using solar energy to generate electricity has high equipment cost but low solar energy utilization rate, which can not be widely used. It is mainly used in some special environments, such as satellites, etc

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