Category: Deep Cycle Batteries to Store Solar Enegy

The working principle of solar battery: during the day, the sunlight irradiates the solar module to generate a certain range of DC voltage, converts the light energy into electrical energy, and then transmits it to the intelligent controller. After the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the electrical energy transmitted from the solar module is transmitted to the battery for storage; and the storage requires a battery, so-called storage battery Pool is a kind of electrochemical equipment that stores chemical energy and releases electric energy when necessary.

The solar battery shall have the following characteristics:

It should have good deep circulation ability and excellent overcharge and overdischarge ability.

Long life, special process design and gel electrolyte guarantee long life battery.

It can be used in different environment, such as high altitude, high temperature, low temperature, etc.

Smartclima can supply the solar PV system materials:

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