Solar Tracker Component,Sun Tracking Element


Solar Tracker Component Sun Tracking Element

Item: Solar Tracker Component,Sun Tracking Element

Short Description:A component which can track solar position automatically.Connect to gear motor and solar PV panel to control the system aim to solar centre forever.Free of hand,100% automatically.

Origin: China

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Feature and Advantage :

Automatically to track solar position.

Application :
This product is widely used to track solar centre position,usually used in PV system,or in solar oven.

Dimension and Parameter:

High precision solar tracking component. Precision between 1-2 degrees.

It can accurately determine the sun position,   has high sensitivity both more intense midday sun or sooner or later or in the weaker sun rays, even on cloudy days,it still can track the light correctly. In night,i willt stay in position where the sun goes down ,and in the morning,it will automatically turn to the east where the sun rise. whether it is cloudy, rainy, cloudy day can work, automatically,without human action.

Simple installation as fllowing picture, as long as the solar photovoltaic power generation can do single-axis control or dual control.

Can directly drive 12 volt gear motor, wiring installation is very simple, with two components, can be composed of a dual-xial solar tracking controller.

Solar Tracker Component Sun Tracking Element

Input voltage: 4-12 V

Output Current: 500 mA

If drive big power gearmotors, must add relay controller to avoid burned.

Note: When the power of solar,the battery couldn`t be open circuit. In the case of open circuit,the voltage is high which will cause the controller to burn. The controller voltage must not be over 13 volts. Preferably with stable power supply.

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