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HVAC Parts >> Solar Utilizing >>Solar Thermo Devices

solar thermo

>> Thermodynamic Solar Panel System


>> Solar Collector Aluminium Panel (In-flowing water)


>> Solar PVT aluminium heat collector


>>DC 12V 24V Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump

Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump


>> Solar Thermo Controller



>>Temperature Controller with double temperature sensor


>>Solar Temperature controller for Two-loop System

Two-loop System1

>>Solar Water Level Digital Controller

Water Level1


>>NTC Temperature Sensor



>>NTC temperature sensor with wire

NTC temperature sensor1

>>Water flow switch

Water flow switch


>>Solar Quick-Coming Hot Water Device


>>Temperature sensor

temperature sensor


>>Solenoid Valve for solar thermo system



>>Check Valve for solar water heater system

check valve


>>Brass Y filter



>>Electrical heating element for solar thermo system

electrical heating


Professional Solar Thermo Devices Supplier,Providing One-stop Solution Service For Your solar thermo Project

Smartclima is a compositive leading manufacturers and suppliers of  solar project , exporting to the world. In a short 10 years,we have been developed to lead the industry in solar products, and air conditioning systems. Whatever your requirement in the field, we can correctly source and supply it.

HVAC Parts >> Solar Utilizing >>Solar Thermo Devices


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  • Ronald Scherloski

    Interested in Thermodynamic Solar Panel System for Toronto, Canada. We have a store 900sqf at ground level, flat roof, we need to heat it, it is not insulated well and we don’t have a gas line. How much are your systems in different sizes? What size would compare to a 5000w electrical heater? Thankyou. If all goes well we would even promote your unit in our store, it is an alternative store with an eco vibe so it could do well, we could consider redistributor options at that point. Thanks again.

  • Chris R

    I need solar thermo glass pipes in bulk quantity.We are running a factory to assemble slar water heater.Pls provide more details.


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