Solar Thermo Controller


Solar Thermo Controller

solar-thermo-controller Solar Thermo Controller


Main features

Time showing | Water temperature showing | water level indicator | Water short indicats | pre-set water
temperature | preset water level | Time settings | automatic water supply | constant temperature heating and water
thermostat | Thermostat to supply water | manual to supply water | timer to supply water | manual heating | Timer
heating | anti-air drying | anti-dry boiling | forced to supply water | Indicate low water pressure or filter
clogging instructions | Electric tracing band and circulation pump

Product Features
1 , “automatic to supply water”. After water shortage alarms ,then delay 30-minute automatically add water
to the default level ;If “timed to supply water” is set to 8:33 or 9:33 AM, and timed for the start state,then the
water does not start after water shortage alarm, so you can use hot water in the morning .
2 , “Thermostat to supply water”.When using water ( water level changes from high to low ) , then the
“delay of 60 minutes” starts to avoid starting supply water during using water.The effective time range of
temperature control function is between 9:00 — 17:00 .
3 , “manual to supply water”. if the thermostat function is turned on and the water level is more below
than the pre-set water level ,or water temperature falls below than the pre-set water temperature and water level
falls below 50% , then you can not manually stop supplying water , you need to shut off thermostat state to stop
supplying water .
4 , “timer to supply water”. in non-set state, press heating key to switch water regularly timed 1 and 2
start up or shut off status, lights means active,non-light means off.
5 , “manual heating”. when the water temperature in water cylinder is lower than the pre-set temperature
,press “manual heating” key to heat the temperature to the pre-set temperature.If water level is lower than
50%,then supply 50% water first and then start heating.
6 , “Timer heating”. in non-set state, press heating key to switch water regularly timed 1 and 2 start up
or shut off status, lights means active,non-light means off.
7 , “forced to supply water” .when the water level sensor is wrong but the temperature sensor is normal,
or the temperature and water level are in wrong state, and during from 20:00 PM to 8:00 AM,can press key “forced
to supply water” to supply water, every 2 minutes beepers,to observe whether the overflow .After 10 minutes
automatically stop supplying water.
8 , “anti-air drying”. when the water temperature is ≥ 98 ℃ and the water level is lower than 20% ,the the function of “anti-air drying” starts. Then couldn`t supply water to prevent quench tube from sudden cold water supplied.
9 , “anti-dry boiling”. automatically power off when water level is less than 50%.Then electric heating can not be started at this time .
10 , “One key to school and restore the factory default settings”.when it is 20:00 GMT night, long press set key does not move to hear the beep sound, tehn loose hand, calibrated to 20:00 Beijing time on all parameters simultaneously restore the factory default settings.
11 , “power off memory” .When power off, all parameters and Beijing will continue to run .

Solar Thermo Controller

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  • Johan Theron

    Please send me a contact number aswell as the nearest branch were I can buy these controller Ido not have a manual to operate the controller


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