Solar quick-coming hot water device


Solar quick-coming hot water device

Item:Solar quick-coming hot water device

Short Description: Imagine:in a cold winter,you want have a warm bath and  go into the bathroom,open the faucet…sorry,the water come out is cold,you must wait some time until to drain out the cold water in the pipe between the water heater and faucet or shower head.You must feel it is a waste to drain off the cold water…How can we do with the situation? Don`t worry,today,you will have a chance to change this shortback.With Smartclima`s “quick-coming hot water device”,can achieve the effect of quick-coming hot water,no need to drain out the cold water in water pipe. It is a revolutiony item to be the best partner for your water heater(electric/gas/solar/air source water heater),help you to save water,save money.

Power supply : 220V ~ ± 15%, 50Hz;power consumption : <1W;

Best Features: Achieve the purpose of  quick-coming hot water from your water heater,little time to wait,no water to waste.

Support: electric water,gas water heater,solar water heater,air source water heater and thermodynamic solar panel hot water system.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Solar quick-coming hot water device, a device to save water.It has two functions: save water and quick-coming hot water,for solar water heater and air source water heater.


Solar water heaters often are mounted on the roof, there is very long distance between the pipes from the solar
water heater to the bathroom faucet .When use hot water every time, you must drain off cold water in the pipe,and
then hot water comes. Especially for bottom households and in winter,they will drain off the more cold water It
not only waste water, but also waste time . Now, the trouble is sloved after you install a Solar quick-coming hot water  device.Not only Quick and easy , but also save, energy , prevent pipe freezing. In hot water bath state,it also
has a role to pressurize water .

Features & functions:

1 “hot water cycle”. Quick open faucet and then immediately shut down, then the pump start to run , drive cold water in pipe into the tank , at the same time,hot water runs into the pipe for using;

2 “bathing and pressurized water” : if walter speed is too slow , the device can achieve water increasing ,when using water , the pump works automatically , to booster water pressure.

3 “bathing booster-pressure option”.The instrument has function of bathing booster-pressure option , the user can decide whether to pressurize wateraccording to the actual situation of water pressure.

4 instrument and pump are split combinations.Easy to use and flexible installation and maintenance .

Technical parameters

1, Power supply : 220V ~ ± 15%, 50Hz;

2 , cycle types: 9 options ; ( 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 , (10 Represents 20 seconds
, 20 represents 40 seconds ,,,, 90 represents 180 seconds ) ;

3, Working Display: dynamic digital display ;

3, the working section length: 10 minutes;

4 , power consumption : <1W;

Circulation pump technical parameters:

1 Power supply voltage : 220V ± 15%, 50Hz;

2 Motor power : 50W ~ 500W;

3 speed: 2680 rev / min ;

4 inlet&outlet :15-20mm (can connect G1 / 2 〃 or G3 / 4 〃 pipe ) ;

5 Flow :0.6-1 .5 Lmin.


Installation diagram to “Solar quick-coming hot water device”

install-1  install-2install-3

How to connect:

A 12V solenoid valve is necessary.

1 , insert the plug into 220V ~ single-phase power outlet , then digital work lights ;

2 , Adjust cycle time. when you press a digital adjustment key , digital work instructions show 10 , the
second press to display 20, so that cycle to 120 seconds to display CO,then go back
to 10 state. 10 represents a time of about for 10 seconds. digital adjustments is based on user`s need to the appropriate gear . It has microcomputer automatic memory , the data will not be lost if power off .

3 , Quick open faucet and then immediately shut down, then the pump start to run , drive cold water in pipe into the tank , at the same time,hot water runs into the pipe for using; then open the faucet , you can enjoy hot water.

4 , when you press the [ supercharger Select ] button, it display [ – ],meaning bathing with pressurized state ,
and if display [ – – ],meaning bathing with unpressurized state.

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  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:
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Solar quick-coming hot water device


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