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Solar PVT aluminium heat collectorSolar collector aluminium panel

Short Description: Made from high quality and good heat transfering performance aluminium,is good at to transfer heat from solar photovoltaic panel to liquid inside of aluminium panel.The item is made from a whole panel by rollbond technology to blow the channel.For used as heat exchanger,flowing  and heating water,alcohol or refrigerant.

Material: Pure aluminium with best heat absorbing performance;

Best Feature: One side is flat to let the aluminium heat exchanger be very close to the solar photovoltaic paneland therefore,it can transfer  max. heat energy into the liquid inside of the heat exchanger.It is the best and important part to assemble solar PVT panel.

Size: 1585X945mm or 1535X760mm,8mm inlet and outlet.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features & advantages :

√ Made pure aluminium with top-quality performance of thermal absorption and conduction.
√ Out size: 1585x945mm or 1535x760mm,thickness 1.5mm.Accept customized size if you can pay for mold and tool.
√ Inlet:8x1mm,long 150mm;  Outlet:8x1mm,long 150mm;
√ Deformation pressure: 210PSI; Burst pressure: 420PSI
√ Nice looking,the flat side is no paitning and the other side is painted to be black,protecting the panel.

Thermal data:

Aperture area, m² – 1,75
Thermal efficiency, η₀ ** – 55%
Nominal thermal power, W ** – 1150 for panel 1585x945mm or 900 for 1535x760mm panel;
Volume flow rate, l/min 1,5 – 2,5

Application :
This product is widely used as Thermal Absorber for solar PVT Panel.

Solar PVT aluminium heat collector Solar-heat-absorbing-panelSolar-PVT-panel-heat-exchanger

1585x945mm-PVT-Panel thermal collector 1535x760mm-PVT-Panel thermal absorber

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  • Lauren Stutz

    Hello, I am interested in price and shipping information for both your Solar collector aluminum panel and your PVT panel, shipped to USA.
    Thank you.

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      Do you currently have a product distributor in Canada?
      I am very interested in your Solar technology, particularly your PVT applications.
      Please let me know who is distributing your products in Canada or if a distribution opportunity exists.

      Thank you

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