Solar Charge Controller PWM


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Solar Charge Controller PWM,12V/24V 10A,12V/24V 20A,12V/24V 30A

Solar Charge Controller PWM

Above is Solar Charge Controller PWM-Model with one digital number

Solar Charge Controller PWM

Above is Solar Charge Controller PWM-Model with two digital number


Solar Charge Controller PWM Parameter Description:

ModelHGX Series Solar Charge Controller PWM
rated charging current□5A □10A □15A □20A □30A
Rated discharging current□5A □10A □15A □20A □30A
Voltage□12V ; □24V ; □12V/24V Auto
No load losses<5mA;
Charging circuit voltage dropLess than or equal to 0.20V
Discharge circuit voltage dropLess than or equal to 0.15V
Over voltage protection17V;×2/24V;
boost charge voltage14.6V; ×2/24V (time of duration: 10 minutes)
Direct charge voltage14.4V;×2/24V (time of duration: 10 minutes)
Float charge voltage13.6V;×2/24V
Charge recover voltage13.2V;×2/24V
Over discharge recover voltage12.5V;×2/24V
Lower voltage indication12.0V;×2/24V
Over discharge voltage11.1V;×2/24V
Temperature compensation-4.0mV/℃/2V(boost voltage, direct charge, float charge and charge return voltage compensation)
Control methodPWM Smart Charging
Working temperatureFrom -35℃ to +65℃;
Over-load and short circuit protectionOver-load protection: when the current of controller is 1.25 times of the rated current, the controller works for 30 seconds; 1.5 times of rated current, works for 5 seconds   Short circuit protection: when the current of controller is more than or equal to 3 times of rated current, the protection starts.
Circuit protectionOver-charge, over-discharge, short circuit and over-load protectionAll the protections are harmless to any parts and fuse of controller


12V/24V,10A, Outside dimension: 140x90x25mm, Installation dimension: 133.5×69.5mm;
12V/24V,20A,30A,40A, Outside dimension: 143x94x31mm, Installation dimension: 133.5×69.5mm;
4V,10A,20A, Outside dimension: 143x94x31mm, Installation dimension: 133.5×69.5mm;

Main features of Solar Charge Controller PWM:

  1. Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation.
  2. Four load working modes: Pure lighting control, lighting control & timing control, hand operation and debug mode.
  3. Scientific management of battery: as it is overcharged, the battery will get booster tension charge. As a result compulsory maintenance is available for the battery. In normal working state, the direct charge and floating charge are both available, so that the battery life-span is increased. Besides, the adoption of high precision temperature compensation makes the charging more accurate.
  4. Comparing with the charging loops using diodes, the one that adopts double MOS series circuit control makes the voltage loss dropped by 50%. With the PWM fuzzy control in charging, the charge efficiency is improved a lot.
  5. LED screen shows the working state of solar battery, storage battery and load. LED shows the adjusted parameter. In this way, users can learn the operation state in ream time. Besides, there are various choices for parameter; users can select the proper working mode based on the different conditions.
  6. Various protections include over-charge, over-discharge and over-load, as well as unique electron short circuit protection and connection-reverse protection. All the protections are harmless to any parts and fuse. TVS thunder proof protection is also available. Non wire jumpers design improves the reliability and durability of the products.
  7. Technical grade chips and precision components are adopted for all the controls. Therefore, the controller performs well in very low and high temperature, as well as humid environment. At the same time, with the use of crystal timing control, the timing function of controller is much more reliable.
  8. Digital LED display and one button setup make the device easy to handle.
  9. Discharge rate revision controls: Different discharge rate matches with different cut-off voltage, which is in compliance with the characters of storage battery.

System description on Solar Charge Controller PWM:

Our controllers are specially designed for solar power DC supply system, solar power DC street lamp system and mini solar power station system. Intelligent control is realized by using dedicated computer chips. The controllers can be used in hard environment, since its adoption of technical grade chips. To the controllers with 12V/24V automatic identification function, the system will identify the voltage when the controllers are charged initially.

The short circuit, over-load, connection-reverse protection, as well as over-charge, over-discharge protection are available. Besides, the complete indications are usable, including indications for states of charge, storage battery and faults.

Through the computer chips, the controllers take samples from the parameters of storage battery voltage, photo battery, discharge current and environment temperature, and then use the dedicated control mode calculation to control the discharge rate and make it matched with the characters of storage battery, realize the high accurate temperature compensation. PWM fuzzy charge mode and 7 phase voltage control are available for the storage battery, so that storage battery is always in the perfect working state .The various working modes of controllers can meet customers’ different requirements.

Installment and use for Solar Charge Controller PWM:

  1. The controller must be well fixed. The dimension of the controller is as following:
    Outside dimension: 140×90×25 (mm); installation dimension: 133.5×69.5 (mm)
  2. Leads: the leads must be matched with the current. The length of stripped leads at the end of controller should be about 5mm. The longer the leads, the more the loss.
  3. The connection to storage battery: Pay attention to the “+” and “–” in case of reverse connection. If it is connected well, the indication light will be on. Otherwise, please check the connection.
  4. The connection to solar panel: Pay attention to the “+” and “–” in case of reverse connection. If it is connected well, the indication light will be on. Otherwise, please check the connection.
  5. The connection to load: connect the leads with load  of controller. The two interfaces are in parallel connection, and the total current must be less than rated current. Pay attention to the “+” and “–” in case of reverse connection which may damage of the device.

View of Solar Charge Controller PWM:

Solar Charge Controller PWM

Solar Charge Controller PWM

Operation procedure of Solar Charge Controller PWM:

 A. Working state indication:

.  Charged state indication: the solar indicator light is on, as the input voltage of solar battery panel reaches a certain point., as the storage battery is charging. The indicator light will flash quickly, as the system is over voltage.

. Storage battery indication: when the battery is under voltage, the indicator light is yellow.  Over-charged for more than 10 seconds, the indicator light is red and the load is off. In normal working state, the indicator light is green..

. Load indication: when the load is in normal working state, indicator light is on continually. In over current, indicator light flashs slowly. In short circuit, the load is off at once and the indicator light flashs quickly. While the current is more than 1.25 times of rated current or more than 1.5 times for 5 seconds, the load of controller will be off.

State of indicator light on Solar Charge Controller PWM

B. Setting methods:

To press the button for 3 seconds, the LED flashes and the system of the device is under mode of regulation. After releasing the key, the data

in the LED changes along with every key-press till matches with the model designated by customers.  To finish the setting, please wait until the LED stops to flash. Or just press the button for 3 seconds.

C. Modes description

.Lighting control: without sunshine the light intensity decreases to start point. Then the controller recognizes the start signal after 10 minutes. Based on the parameter, the load is on. While under sunshine, the light intensity increase to start point, and then the controller recognizes the close signal The load is off.

 Time control: The starting procedure is the same with that of pure lighting control. Timing control is dual period control; hence the double load can be regulated respectively. The load-on and load-off are alternated till the load is off in daytime. The time for the load-on and load-off can be adjusted to realize the different control effect. If the time for load-on is zero, the load will be off at night till the time for load-off is past. If the time for load-off is zero, the control effect will be the same with that of pure lighting control.

General mode: Regardless of the daytime or night, users can control the load-on and load-off by key-press under this mode. This mode is used for some special load or regulation.

Test mode: this mode is designed for system regulation. It is almost the same with pure optical mode except that the cancelation of 10 minutes delay (Please refer to pure lighting control). The load is on with optical signal. In reverse, without optical signal, the load is off. This feature makes it easier to check the system installation.

Working mode setting of Solar Charge Controller PWM

Data in LEDModeData in LEDMode
0Dusk-to-Dawn, light is on all light99 hours light is turn on after sundown
11 hours light is turn on after sundown010 hours light is turn on after sundown
22 hours light is turn on after sundown111 hours light is turn on after sundown
33 hours light is turn on after sundown212 hours light is turn on after sundown
44 hours light is turn on after sundown313hours light is turn on after sundown
55 hours light is turn on after sundown414 hours light is turn on after sundown
66 hours light is turn on after sundown5Manual mode
77 hours light is turn on after sundown6Test mode, lights on after it detects no light, lights off after it detects light.
88 hours light is turn on after sundown7Load open all times


FAQ about Solar Charge Controller PWM

Under the sunshine, the indicator light (NO.1) of solar panel is offPlease check the line connected to photocell and make sure the proper connection
As the cell panel is charged, the indicator light (NO.1) flashes quickly.The system is over-voltage. Please check whether the storage battery is well connected, or its voltage is too high.
The indicator light (NO.2) of storage battery is offPlease check whether the storage battery is well connected.
The indicator light (No.2) of storage battery isred without output.The storage battery is over-discharged.
The indicator light (No.3) of load flashes slowly without output.The load power is higher than the rated power. Please stop the operation of some equipment which consumes power, and then press the key for a longer time.
The indicator light (No.3) of load flashes quickly without output.The load is short circuit and need to be adjusted. Then press the key for a longer time or wait till the next day, it will restart to work.
The indicator light (No.3) is on continually without output.Please check whether the equipment which consumes power is well connected.
OthersPlease check the connection, 12/24v Auto identified



Solar Charge Controller PWM-Simple Type,12V 10A,12V 20A,12V 30A

Solar Charge Controller PWM

Product features of  Solar Charge Controller PWM-Simple Type:

  1. This product has protection from overcharge and over discharge.
  2. It employs PMW charging main circuit which is in tandem type and makes the voltage loss reduce to almost 50% compared to that resulting from using charging circuit of diode. The charging efficiency of the former is 3%-6% higher than non-PMW charging circuit, thus extending the time length of electricity use. It has the automatic control mode consisting of booster tension of over discharge recovery, direct charging and floating charging, which extends the system service life.
  3. The intuitive LED luminous tube indicates the state of the battery, enabling users to be aware of it.


Technique Data of Solar Charge Controller PWM-Simple Type:


HGX-xxx Solar Charge Controller PWM
-Simple type

Rating charger current


Rated load current


System voltage


Overload protection


Non-load loss

Lower than 2mA

Over discharge voltage


Over discharge returning voltage


Control mode



Installment and use of Solar Charge Controller PWM-Simple Type

1.The controller should be fastened firmly.

Physical size: 140 X 90.5(mm)

Mounting hole size: 133.5 X 70(mm)

2.Preparation of the conductor wire: it is suggested that the stranded copper insulated conductor wire be used. The length of the wire should be as short as possible for the purpose of reducing electricity loss with the premise of safety. According to the current density of 4A/mm2, the cross sectional area of the copper conductor wire is chosen and the connector lug of the controller is stripped off 5mm.

First link the terminals of the battery and the controller, pay attention to the positive hole and the negative hole, and avoid reverse connect. If it is linked well, the indicator light will be on and you can press the button to check for appropriate connection.

3.Load connection: Connect the load wire to the load output end of the controller and pay attention to the positive hole and the negative hole and avoid reverse connect in order to prevent it from burning out.

4.  There is a radian that is located under the terminal connecting the battery and the load conductor according to the graph, thus preventing rain water from leaking into the controller along the wire.

System description:

The controller, which is equipped with functions of overcharge, over discharge and over-current protection, has a system of solar energy DC, designing for solar street lamps. It also has indicators for charging, battery state and load. It employs the mode of PMW battery, which guarantees the battery to work well and extends its service life.


The use description of the indicator light state:

When the indicator light(1) becomes red, it reflects the battery is on charging and when the indicator light(1) flashes red and green alternately, it indicates the battery is fully charged. When the indicator light (2) becomes green, it is in the course of normal working state. When the indicator light (3) becomes red, it is under voltage and the controller will be powered off, then reminding the users to recharge. The controller will recover normal working state and the indicator light will become red after the battery reaches the normal working scope.

The load is opened and the load indicator light (4) is always being on.  What’s more, the load current is two times more than the rated current of the controller or it is short current, the controller will shut down its output. The load indicator light (4) turns into being always-being-on-red, users should check the connection of the load and it can recover to work after shutting down the load of fault and pressing the button.


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  • Neil Zak

    I have a 160W mono solar panel and a Intelligent 30A PWM solar charge controller, this is hooked up to 4 6V golf cart batteries with a 12V output as a power supply to the trailer, originally, I had a 20A PWM solar charger that worked very well set on 16 load value, during a bad storm, this unit was ruined.

    My problem now is, that I cannot set the load value on my current Controller, it keeps on flashing, looks like slow, no matter what value (0-17) I set it at. The solar led and the battery led are both on solid green. What do you think is wrong?

  • J. Moulin

    I purchased a 12V PWM solar charge controller 30A associated with 150W solar pannel and 120AH battery.
    let me know how can I obtain permanent power supply day & night.
    does it correspond to number 0 of lightning control option ?
    or is it number 16, then how do I obtain “ON” mode ? thanks for help

  • pasha

    What is the output at the load terminal means A.C /D.C

  • Danilo

    Solar panel input (+ and -) of controller is in short circuit. Please can you tell me how to solve this problem or to reset it? Thanks a lot for answer.


    • Smartclima


      there may be shorting on LM7812 supply Regulator and Zeener diode plz check it using multimetre and replace both components.

  • Jagadish

    We are looking for Solar Charge controller, so kindly send us best quote along with product images.

  • owen

    I have an “HGX series solar controller 30A”
    and i think that i have given it a larger than rated current input from the solar panel what can go wrong in it since it is not working.

    what can i do in order to repair it ?
    thanks a lot from before for your help
    good day


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