Solar Air Heater


Solar Air Heater

Solar Air Heater

Do you need fresh and warm air? Smartclima solar air heater provide for you .

Ventilation and heating with no costs !

Now is your chance to harness the sun` energy to heat your home and ventilate it when you want it. You get a much better climate and less moisture. Can be used anywhere ¨C permanent residence, cottage, garage, colonial garden, garden shed etc. ¨C And it` FREE f any charges ¨C No costs !

Mode of action.
Solar panels operate by taking in air at the bottom of the solar panels, and through a special construction inside the panel, the air is heated by the sun, several times, after which the fan on the back, the heated air blows into the house. The fan is driven by an electric solar panel which generates electricity from sunlight. Effective and free in operation.

Heating and ventilation.
Smartclima has optimized the collector so the maximum amount of heat and energy is absorbed in the panel, while the electric solar panel is integrated best possible. The air passes several times through the absorber, to iabsorbe the most heat, after which the heated air without wasting energy, is delivered into the room or dwelling.
Even on cold winter days, the panel may blow air into the dwelling, which is 25 ¨C 30 degrees warmer than the outside air temprature. The panels are all thermostatically controlled so that the fan turns off when a certain temperature is reached.

Better heating.
Unique to Smartclima is a ¡°side suction¡±”sidesugs¡± principle, which will avoid vacuum to build upin the absorber, while air is being sucked into the panel along the wall. This air will typically be warmer than the free air, as it is heated from the wall.

Easy installation.
We recommend placing the product on a vertical surface providing the best angle between the panel and sun in winter and spring and autumn*. The location must be in the direction where there is greatest opportunity for sun, because solar collector as its name indicates, of course, depends on the sun shine. The idea is that the fan runs to blow as warm air in as possible ¨C if the air becomes too hot, turn off the thermostat for the fan.



A Guaranteed Return on Investment & the Environment

Solar power is a relatively new source of energy, but it may easily become the most important source in the future. Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource, making it a healthy choice for the environment.

Federal, state and local solar incentives make it easy to afford your panel. Homeowners can save 30% on the cost of residential solar systems (IRS Form 5695). Other incentives could almost cut the cost of your system in half.

Not to mention that Smartclima starts saving you money the moment you install it, as it will literally pay for itself in less than one year! Since you are reducing or even no longer using expensive heating fuels such as electricity, propane, natural gas or oil heat, you will see a significant drop in your monthly utility bill. This will also increase the future value and resale of your property.

Smartclima also reduces the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases that result from the use of fossil fuels for heating.

Smartclima offers a 2-year warranty but your panel should last you decades longer.

Lower Energy Bills

Utility bills are estimated to increase at an average of 5% or more every year. At the same time, obtaining a pleasant indoor climate can be difficult to maintain, causing allergies, discomfort and humidity.

Now you can collect the suns own heat and energy to contribute to a better indoor climate and warming. Whether you use the panel as a supplement for your home or choose to use it solely for your trailer, garage or workshop, Smartclima panels will eliminate your utility bill and provide a steady and dependable temperature throughout the year.

Heating and Ventilation

Smartclima has optimized the collector so that the maximum amount of heat and energy is absorbed in the panel. The air passes several times through the absorber catching the most heat and then delivered into the room or dwelling without wasting energy.

Better Heating

Unique to Smartclima  is a ¡°side suction¡± principle, which will avoid empty space to build in the absorber while air is being sucked into the panel along the wall. This air will typically be warmer than the free air, as it is heated from the wall.


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    I wish to be more green and if I get the panels will I still have a routine electric costs?


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