Smartclima dust circulation cleaning for air duct

Smartclima dust circulation washing method

1, features: a Smartclima patented dust circulation cleaning method without blocking and protection, a complete cleaning and vacuum cleaning.   With high cleaning efficiency, health and environmental protection, suitable for all types of pipe types, and other features, a variety of modules to apply any combination of medium and large square, circular duct, especially suitable for industrial, Enterprise, meeting hall and other places of air duct cleaning.

2, the equipment used: lift shaft for air duct cleaning robot, portable machine, modular clean dust, air duct disinfection machine.

Equipments which are adopted: lifting duct cleaning robot (round brush, brush, brush) lift type vertical duct cleaning robot (scour)  combined clean dust II enhanced modular portable clean dust I Elite Edition Smartclima portable flexible shaft machine Smartclima air duct disinfection machine

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