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Item: Small Space Air Conditioner, Portable,Super energy-saving

Quick Description: A temperature product for summer cooling and winter heating.Built-in compressor(R134a) and evaporator/condenser to blow out cooling air or heating air,or used as fresh fan only;no consensation water drip;Portable  bracket,and hight adjustable,light weight and easy to take;Silent when working;Remote controller;Is a best choice to work with tent on bed ;Super energy-saving.

Best Features: Portable and hight adjustable;A best chioce to cooling or heating small space;Super energy-saving;

Power : 220V,50Hz

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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  • Vertical design helps to increase air angle, so that the effective cold air convection within the nets, does not appear sultry in the tent.
  • Increased anion, anion to purify the air, increasing the O2 content; so that the indoor of tent keeps like nature fresh.
  • Patented condensate water system, a major feature of this small space air conditioner is that it does not drip condensate water.
  • Efficient and reasonable structure,it wouldn`t appears “tripping”, “crash” phenomenon in very hot summer days.
  • Efficient compressor cooling, high-efficiency compressor and unique water system, refrigeration is greatly increased while reducing the amount of heat to the environment, do not worry about increasing the indoor ambient temperature.
  • Environment protection and eco-friendly. Low energy consumption, energy saving, low cost, compared with the general air conditioner,it can save energy 90%.
  • Cool LCD truly dynamic temperature LCD display, enabling users to know the ambient temperature.
  • Unique support bracket, simple installation,height adjustable ,portable and saving your space,
  • Lightweight handle design, portable mobile ultra-small size, dual heating and cooling, rapid cooling, plug and play.


  • Power: 220V,50Hz
  • Cooling power: 280W
  • Heating power: 550W
  • Cooling Capacity: 580W(2800BTU/h)
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Wind Capacity: 320m³/h
  • Tent Shape: Arc type, Square type(option)
  • Tent size: 1.2m,1.5m,1.8m(Option)
  • Drain pipe: 1.3meter
  • Noise:≤22dB

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Height adjustable air conditioning portableBed-air-conditioner-with-tentair conditioner workingscreen-air-conditionerremote-controllerinner design

Buying Guide to “Small Space Air Conditioner ”
  • Available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • For more details,pls contact us to email:
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  • Casey Clarkson

    Where can this unit be purchased? I live in Oregon, about an hour South of Portland.

  • ernesto Gonzalez

    did you have for 220volts 60hz for central america?

    how its the cost in american dollar?

  • sivaraman

    interested to purchase one portable small air conditioner.send full details with price and models available



  • Adil

    i am interested in this product the small air conditioner with tent and accessories(complete product) for commercial purpose. please tell me whether it is already imported in Pakistan? if yes, then when can i see the sample. otherwise please tell me how can i import the sample first and then the size of the order determined. it is urgent as summers have already started in Pakistan.

    • ReviewX shop icon



      did u get info about this…help me to explain this…will b thankfull…?

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