Silver Brazing Rods


Silver Brazing Rods 2

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  • [Ag percentage] 2%, 5%,15%,20%,25%,30%,35%,40%,45%,50%,56%,72%。
  • [application] See below details.

Place of origin: Supplied by China Manfacturer, Made in China, export to worldwide.

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2% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL209 National Standard GB BCu91 PAg American Standard AWS BCuP-6
With good fluidity and filling ability, it is widely used in the brazing of copper and copper alloys in industries such as air conditioners, refrigerators, electrical and mechanical industries. Melting point: 645-790 ° C;

5% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL205 National Standard GB BCu89PAg American Standard AWS BCuP-3
It has a certain plasticity and is suitable for welding of copper and its alloy joints that cannot maintain a close fit. Melting point 645-815 ° C;

15% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL204 National Standard GB BCu80AgP American Standard AWS BCuP-5
With good joint plasticity and improved conductivity, it is especially suitable for occasions with uneven gaps. Brazing of copper and its alloy joints that can withstand vibration loads. Melting point: 630-780 ℃;

25% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL302 National Standard GB BAg25CuZn American Standard AWS BAg-37
HL302 has better wetting and filling properties, but has a higher melting point and poor fluidity. Mainly used for brazing of copper, copper alloy and steel. Melting point 745-755 ℃;

40% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL312 national standard GB BAG4000ZNCDNI American standard AWS BAG-4
It has good seam filling ability, suitable for brazing of intermediate and final brazing of brazing quenched alloy steel, and has good technology and high strength. Melting point 595-605 ° C;

45% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL303 National Standard GB BAG45CUZN American Standard AWS BAG-5
HL303 is a commonly used silver solder, with low melting point, good fluidity, strong joint filling ability, smooth solder joints, good strength and impact resistance load. It is used to braze copper and copper alloys, steel and stainless steel. Melting point: 660-725 ° C;

56% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL316 National Standard GB BAG56CUZNSN American Standard AWS BAG-7
BAG56CUZNSN silver electrode is a universal CD-free solder, which is used for the brazing of copper alloy, steel, and stainless steel. The joint has good mechanical properties. Melting point: 620-650 ° C;

72% silver electrode (Silver Brazing Rods):
HL308 National Standard GB BAG72CU American Standard AWS BAG-8
BAG72CU solder is an AGCU eutectic alloy and is the representative of AGCU solder. It is suitable for brazing in a furnace with controlled atmosphere (including vacuum brazing), without paste flux. Commonly used for brazing of copper and copper alloys, but also for stainless steel, nickel-based
The brazing of alloys and carbon steels has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and fluidity, and is the most widely used in the vacuum device and electronic component soldering. Melting point: 779-780 ° C;

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  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy small quantity,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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    Please arrange to provide minimum Rates of Brazing Rod QGY-35c 2mm x 500mm, with C&F By AIR LAHORE PAKISTAN.

    Brazing Rod Quantity 25 Kg

    Composition is Ag. 35% Zn 20% Cd 17% Cu:Rem
    •Brazing Rod, QGY-35c 2mm x 500mm

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      Did you order and get what you wanted?

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    I need welding materials-rod for my HVAC project about 50kgs.pls contct me.


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