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 Copper Side Arm Heat Exchanger

Side Arm Heat Exchanger

Many sidearms have a tube within a tube only, these sidearms have multiple tubes within the exterior tube. By having the greatest amount of surface area it makes our sidearm the most efficient on the market. MORE SURFACE AREA = MORE EFFICIENT = MORE HOT WATER & QUICKER RESPONSE TIMES Most sellers use just a normal piece of 3/4″ copper shoved down the center, OR they use a roll threaded type tube.

Our sidearm has a 1-1/2″ outer tube and is 13″ long, this allows for a much easier installation between your hot water tank drain and the pressure relief valve. Overall the sidearm measures 17-1/4″ long from end to end. Because of the internal tube design you’ve actually got much more surface area than a traditional 48″ sidearm. The problem with long sidearms is that 99% of the time you have to plumb from the top of the sidearm down so far to the pressure relief valve that you lose the efficiency of the thermal syphon. In a long sidearm like that the hot water rises in the sidearm as it is heated but the hot water does not easily drop down and back into the tank because hot water rises and cold water sinks. If you have used the larger sidearms before you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Our side arms are packaged the best possible way to minimize shipping damage. The side arms fit snuggly in the boxes to minimize movement within the box. The ports are surrounded in styrofoam all the way around to prevent damage if dropped. The entire side arm is packaged in a double wall, re-enforced cardboard box and taped closed.


50 Degree domestic water entering

130 Degree domestic water leaving

2.1 GPM through domestic side

8.5 GPM through furnace side

160 degree boiler water entering

– using these above parameters, this sidearm produces 84,000 BTU

– recovery time for a 50 gallon water heater is 15 MINUTES

– Comes FULLY ASSEMLBED/PRE-SOLDERED and ready to install. PRESSURE TESTED to ensure a leak free unit.

– 1-1/2″ copper on the outside w/ 1″ copper sweat connections for the boiler input/output, 1-1/2″ outside shell produces maximum efficiency with minimal pressure drop on boiler side

– 3/4″ sweat connections for the domestic water input/output

– Will work with ANY existing gas/oil/propane/electric hot water tank heater

– This is also available in a Threaded/FPT model


 Stainless steel Side Arm Heat Exchanger

Side Arm Heat Exchanger

This THERMO-SIPHON Heat Exchanger is constructed by stainless steel fine tubes with high heating efficiency heating capacity.

THERMO-SIPHON Heat Exchanger

Designed using the natural thermo-siphon on the domestic hot water side, our THERMO-SIPHON Heat Exchanger not only provide faster heating at a greater capacity than traditional sidearms, they prevent cross contamination in potable water application.

While the capacity of traditional sidearm heat exchanger is determined by the length of sidearm tubes and their heat transfer efficiency is comparitively very low.Instead of using two bare copper tubes,our fin-enhanced heat exchangers made of stainless steel and will have high heat transfer efficiency resulting from the utilization of an internal finned tube.This fin-enhanced design has a surface are five to eight times bigger than the bare tube design and produces significant turbulence on the system side.Our fin-enhanced sidearms provide a larger capacity and faster hearing using a shorter unit.Fin-enhanced sidearms are available upon request.


• Extremely Efficient

• Compact Size and Easy Install

• Easy Cleaning Mechanically

• No Complain for Hot Water


Outdoor wood boilers

Solar hot water heating

Domestic hot water heating

Floor heating

Typically the domestic water is circulated by means of the thermosiphon principle which saves on the cost of a pump and the associated electrical costs,In cases where faster heat recovery is required the domestic hot water should be circulated by means of a pump.Pump circulation will typically provide a heat recovery 3 to 4 times greater than thermosiphoning.We offer the following three models:

Model No.BTU/hrConnection sizeConstruction
DHW SideSystem side


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