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Sheet Metal DrawingCustomize Sheet Metal Drawing products

Short Description: Manufacture Sheet Metal Drawing according to customer`s drawing or sample;
Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminium,Copper,Brass,etc;
Shape & Size: Customized according to drawing;
Place of Origin: China;
Service to World: Yes;
Mold & Tools: Made in MetalHelper factory;

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 General Knowledge on “Sheet Metal Drawing”

What is Sheet Metal Drawing?

Drawing is a metalworking process which uses tensile forces to stretch metal. It is broken up into two types: sheet metal drawing and wire, bar, and tube drawing(tube deforming). The specific definition for sheet metal drawing is that it involves plastic deformation over a curved axis. For wire, bar, and tube drawing the starting stock is drawn through a die to reduce its diameter and increase its length. Drawing is usually done at room temperature, thus classified a cold working process, however it may be performed at elevated temperatures to hot work large wires, rods or hollow sections in order to reduce forces.
Sheet Metal Drawing is different from rolling in that the pressure of drawing it not transmitted through the turning action of the mill, but instead depends on force directed locally at the area of compression. This means the amount of possible drawing force is limited by the tensile strength of the material, a fact that is particularly evident when drawing thin wires.


Material for Sheet Metal Drawing.

Usually,the following metal are always to do Sheet Metal Drawing:

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet,Carbon Steel;
  • Stainless Steel Sheet 304, 316;
  • Aluminum Sheet;
  • Many grades of material available, please email us with your material requirements.

Sheet Metal Drawing Suface Finishes

  • Power Coating
  • Painting
  • Anodic oxidation or electroplating
  • Fully automatic paint line, with 10k clean room to ensure you get a perfect finish
  • Notify us of your pantone color, or provide a sample for color matching

Metal Sheet Processing

MetalHelper is the best choice supplier and metal fabricator for your metal drawings products needs; we have all the equipment in the same workshop:

  • laser cutting
  • automated turret punching
  • press brakes, and sheet metal bending
  • qualified welders
  • silk screen printing
  • in-house tooling room
  • packaging design
  • full enclosure design
  • full product assembly

Popular Metal products made with Sheet Metal Drawing

The following metal parts are popular to be made with cold sheet metal drawing technology:

  • Enclosure;
  • Box;
  • Cabinets;
  • Barrel;
  • Bottle;
  • Container;
  • Nuts and House;
  • … … and so on

The secondary process after Sheet Metal Drawing:

Metal products coming from cold sheet metal drawing process are usually small minimal scrap, it is used as the primary manufacturing process which produce as simple as a screw/nut blank. The part then always comes with secondary process including polishing,maching,etc to achieve more high precision part configuration with good tolerances grade.The best commen secondary process are:

  1. Polished.To polish the cold forming product,usually,they will be sprayed with mini stainless steel ball in a closed room,then all scraps,oils,burrs will be removed.
  2. machined or lathing.Machining process is usually to make screw thread or make a horizontal hole on the cold forming product.As cold forming process itself is diffcult to make thread or horizontal hole.
  3. Anodic oxidation or electroplating.After all processes are finished,some products are required to do electroplating.If the product is made from aluminium,it is always required to do anodic oxidation
  4. Powder painting.After all processes are finished,some products are required to do powder painting.
 Contact MetalHelper to Customize Sheet Metal Drawing Products

 Submit drawings for Sheet Metal Drawing,Let Metalhelper fabricate it for you.

Let Metalhelper to help you process/manufacture Sheet Metal Drawing,Please send us the meassage with drawing or sample photo,and tell us your purchased quantity in first order,and then we`ll quote to you. The more details on product you provide,the more quick we can quote. You also can visit to contact Metalhelper company directly for Sheet Metal Stamping business


Request Quotation for Sheet Metal Drawing,Let China metal factory serve for you:

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