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Service:Sheet Metal Cutting,Laser cutting

Carbon Steel sheet cutting;
Stainless Steel sheet cutting;
Aluminium Sheet cutting:
Copper Sheet cutting

Can provide CNC cutting and Laser cutting;

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 General Knowledge on “Sheet Metal Cutting, Laser Cutting”

Sheet metal cutting is a major classification for many different pressworking operations. Cutting operations involve the separation of the metal of the sheet in certain areas. This separation is caused by shearing forces acting on the metal through the edges of the punch and die. Pressworking, a term referencing sheet metal operations in general, involves the working of a sheet between two die. In pressworking, the upper die is called a punch. Sheet and plate generally refers to rolled metal with a high surface area to volume ratio. The difference is that sheet metal is under 1/4 inch (6mm) in thickness, while plate metal is thicker. Most of the sheet metal cutting processes discussed can be performed on both sheet and plate metal, although for many sheet metal operations difficulties will arise with increasing plate thickness. Usually “sheet” and “sheet metal” is also referencing plate.

MetalHelper is in Laser Metal Cutting,providing Laser Cutting Services. Our customer focused and with highly skilled staff  are ready to assist you with your metal fabrication and manufacturing projects utilising our advanced 2D laser cutting or 3D laser cutting services.

Our service is an advanced laser cutting process – computer controlled to produce components with precision and repeatability at very competitive prices. We can laser cut a diverse range of materials accurately with minimal thermal effect and low distortion.

MetalHelper China can laser cut all steel types, aluminium, timber and plastics such as:

  •  Mild steels to 20mm thickness
  •  Clean cut Stainless steels 0.1 to 16mm thick
  •  Acrylic to 25mm with a flame polished edge
  •  Aluminium to 10mm
  •  Other plastics (HIPS, Corian etc.) and foam (but not PVC due to noxious gas by-product)
  •  Wood – MDF and plywood to 30mm thick
  •  Other materials viz. rubber, leather

If you need assistance with parts development using 2D or 3D laser cutting, our experienced staff are ready to help.  Tap into our extensive production knowledge and advice or just request a quotation and we will respond promptly.

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Let Metalhelper to help you process/manufacture Sheet Metal Cutting,Please send us the meassage with drawing or sample photo,and tell us your purchased quantity in first order,and then we`ll quote to you. The more details on product you provide,the more quick we can quote. You also can visit to contact Metalhelper company directly for Sheet Metal Stamping business


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