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Smartclima provide: Industry Manufacturing●Products Sourcing●Quality Inspecting ●Multi-suppliers Collecting●One-stop Exporting

Here you will find the most complete range HVACR Materials for Heating,Ventilation,Air Conditioning,Refrigeration and Solar Technology,Energy Saving and temperature devices.

Smartclima,a compositive supplier of  HVACR Materials for Heating,Ventilation,Air Conditioning,Refrigeration and Solar Technology,Renewable Energy,Eco-Friendly.It provides one-stop solution service for Air Conditioning project,Ventilation Project, Refrigerating&Heating works,Renewable Energy&Eco-friendly products.

Smartclima is specifilized in the field of parts of HVACR( Shortening of Heating,Ventilation,Air Conditioning,Refrigeration) with more than 10 years,and are in charge of 5 factories which is prefessional in metal process,plasstic&rubber process,evaporator manufacturing,and renewable energy products; establishing good collaboration relation with more than 40 factories in the field of HVACR.

Having abundant experience&knowledge in the fields of HVACR,Smartclima start to study renewable energy products,and put its eye onto developing eco-friendly products.Thus,with the efforts of our engineers,thermodynamic products were born in 2009; and at the same time,Smartclima is continuing to develope more charming renewable energy products ,in which mainly are solar products, air source products and their hybrid system products.By investing on the existed factory,Smartclima can control products` quality,and put more time to study more renewable energy products.

Our team has been engaged in the field of HVACR with many years, we have a strong design team, mass production capabilities, the standard quality control procedures, logistics services, after-sales service, all of which allows us to provide more effective solutions to demand for cost savings and the strict quality control from clients.

For HVACR Materials of Heating,Ventilation,Air Conditioning,Refrigeration and Solar Technology,Renewable Energy,Eco-Friendly,quality is very important,it`s the enterprise’s life, we know the quality`s importance and make it. Our team have professional staff to regular check to prohibit any inferior products into warehouse, standard operating procedures, and profound research, qualified production processes and strict quality control in order to ensure delivery to the client the perfect product

We will provide safe, efficient, reliable and a full range of logistics services. And our company have team of senior professionals with rich professional knowledge and years of practical experience, timely shipping to collect the latest information, accurately keep the market conditions and inform customers in a timely manner, for international transport on a number of specific issues that may arise. We will timely and safely delivery to the clients,and meet their specified logistics needs and growing demands.

We will provide tailored services to each client . And we always aim at helping our custmer maximum benefits. We study customer satisfactory reserch to have your feedback acting as our improved gudiance.For record of inquiry and reply,pls click here.

We trust that Smartclima may become your best partner in the business with our comprehensive consideration, persistent endeavor, professional coordination, strict insurance .

What can we do for you? Hire us and we can help you:


●Check and inspect the factory you sourced before start your business.

Are you worry for your sourced factory? Are they reliable? You must worry for the factory which you haven`t don`e business ago.Ok,no problem,Smartclima can help you to go there to check and inspect everthing which you want to learn.

●Check and control product`s quality during your business and during factory`s production.

Are you worry for your your order situation after you place it to the factory? Have they starting production?Are they producing seriously?Do they control quality well?You must worry for your order situation during their production.Ok,no problem,Smartclima team can help you to follow the order,and if necessary,we`ll go to the factory to help you control the quality.

●Check the finished order during your business.

When the factory said,ok,we have finished your order,please pay the balanced money to let us active delivery.When you face this situation,are you worry for their words?Are they reliable?How about the quality of finished order?If you have this worry,it`s normal. Ok,Smartclima team can help you check the finished order situation.And after our check,we`ll do a complete report with words and photos to let you estimate.And then,we also can help you to inspect loading container,taking many loading photos with details.

●Help you to combine small orders for delivery together.

Maybe,you just start your business,or maybe,you are dealing many items but with small quantity for each one.Then,it is diffcult and expensive if they are  exported seperately.Don`t worry,Smartclima team can help you  to combines many small orders to delivery together.

●Didn`t find good factory for some product?We help you to find an appropriate factory.

Maybe you are too busy to source good chinese factory for some product,or maybe you sourced it but didn`t find.Ok,Smartclima can help you.We are very knowing Chinese product market and are familiar with their action,so,we can hel you.

●Want to establish a sub(branch) company or office in China?

Maybe, for some purpose,you want to establish a sub(branch) company in China.Ok,Smartclima office can be your best Choice.Virtual office or real office can be your choice.You can use our office,use our address,use our telephone…You can print above information onto your name card or publish them onto your website.Conventional? Helpful?

● To be key part of your  supply chain and let you have an effective&honest partner in China.



Product Inspections

Verify your product meets all specifications in the factory.

  • Quickly book online and have a trained inspector on-site within 48 hours.
  • Receive your report the same day as the inspection and make an informed decision with your supplier.
  • Inspecion in All of China.






Laboratory Testing

Ensure compliance with safety standards: REACH, RoHS, EN71, CPSIA…

  • Link your Product Inspection with Lab Testing and make sure actual production samples are tested.
  • No technical expertise necessary: our search engine provides all tests for your
    product  compliance.






Factory and Social Audits

Engage with capable and ethical suppliers in China.

  • Assess your suppliers’ facilities and organization according to ISO 9001 or U.S.
    C-TPAT standards.
  • Confirm social compliance of your suppliers with SA 8000 audits and ethical trading with Sedex Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA).
  • Send an auditor to any factory in China within 48 hours.