Semi-automatic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment


Semi-automatic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

It includes the manually 360°-rotating pitching infrared camera. Four height supports are used to match with cleaning heads of four specifications. With the movable or portable console, the robot will be able to clean air ducts of different specifications. The cleaning principle, functions, and effect are the same with
that of the automatic cleaning robot. Whether the cleaning result meets the
requirement can be observed from the infrared monitoring video equipment and the monitoring video information about the inside of the air duct at any time can be obtained. Standard MP4 can be made. Due to its small dimensions and the
light weight, it is more suitable for cleaning the FRP air ducts and super air
ducts. It is a simple version of automatic cleaning robot which is inexpensive
and applicable for small enterprises.

Technical Data: 
Machine1#, 300mm (Length) ×170mm (Width) × 140mm (Height)
Machine 2#, 300mm (Length) × 270mm (Width) × 180mm (Height)
Machine 3#, 300mm (Length) × 270mm (Width) × 230mm (Height)
Machine 4#, 300mm (Length) × 270mm (Width) × 280mm (Height)
Weight:5.5Kg, 6Kg, 7Kg, and 7.5Kg
Voltage:24VDC; power: 150W
Operating stroke:20 meters for standard configuration, can be extended to
100 meters according to requirements
Types and material of air duct to be cleaned: Large rectangular or square
ducts made of metal and composite material
Range of cleaning: Height 200-500mm X Width (no requirements), with
diameter ofΦ200–Φ500
(1) 420-line industrial color camera capable of 360° horizontal rotation and
180° pitching rotation
(2) As a supporting device of machine 1# – 4#, four groups of brushes:Φ220, Φ320, Φ420, Φ520
(3) As a supporting device of machine 1# -4#, four groups of supports:
H200#, H300#, H400#, H500#
(4) Complete set of synchronous monitoring and recording system
Optional:Complete set of rotational and spraying sterilizer and high-intensity UV bactericidal lamp

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