Save electric-power 10% by raising every 1 degree for air conditioning-How to save energy

Summer is the peak, with stepped tariff implementation, how to reduce the high temperature period of electricity consumption “lines” to reduce “ultra slot” arising from increased electricity costs became public this summer that “compulsory”. Power consumption in daily life, what are the little details that can help us save expenditure? Reporters invite relevant persons and the power you talk about power-saving tips.
Degree  6-7℃ on Air conditioner,Don`t put too thick in freezor

Electricity sector are expected this summer air conditioning load could break through 5 million-kilowatt, accounted for the city’s top load 25%. Air conditioning electricity consumption, electricity for ordinary residential users “Tai Tau”, how much more economic, power authorities concerned indicated that air conditioning, the temperature cannot be adjusted too low, because air conditioners under the control of the temperature, the lower power consumption by more general 6-7, room temperature is reduced. Refrigeration at room temperature when Gao 1, low heating temperature set 2 degrees can save electricity by more than 10% and almost fail to notice the small variations of the human body.

Still, when on, set high cold/heat, as quickly achieve control purposes; when the temperature is appropriate, modified, low wind, reducing energy consumption, reducing noise. “Ventilation” switch cannot be in a normally open condition, otherwise it will increase power consumption. Leave doors and Windows can reduce outside heat enters, conducive to energy saving. Use the air conditioner room, preferably a thick texture of drapery, to reduce cold air loss. Indoor and outdoor connecting does not exceed the recommended length, can enhance the cooling effect. The Nightside to try to choose a room air conditioner installation, avoid direct exposure to sunlight the fuselage. If you do not have this condition should be stamped with Sun shroud of air conditioners. Periodically clean the outdoor dust on the heatsink, clean. Too much dust on the heatsink, can greatly increase the power consumption.

Then the same refrigerator is cooling off a sharp object and what power-saving tips? According to reports, the current market A++ level of energy-efficient refrigerator than regular refrigerators and electricity-saving. Home energy-saving refrigerators consume 0.5-0.8 degrees a day, while a normal fridge power consumption 1-1.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity a day, about half of the province. In addition, the refrigerator in the process should be aware of the following issues: refrigerated items not too close, leave a gap against the cold air circulation, so cool food faster, reducing the number of compressor operation to save energy; put it in the fridge when fresh fruits and vegetables, be sure to keep them spread out. If fruit and vegetable heap in together, will caused outside cold heat, on will consumption more of power; for those size larger of food, can according to family each edible of weight separated packaging, once only removed a times edible of volume, and without put a chunks food are from refrigerator in take out, with not finished again put back, repeatedly frozen both waste power, and easy on food produces damage; thaw of method has water rushed, and natural thaw, several. Eating a few hours before, you can get food from the freezer (4 degrees) get frozen in room (1 degree), because the air conditioner can help keep the temperature of frozen foods, reducing compressor operation, so as to achieve the purpose.

TV standing 10 hours consumes half a degree,high power cooker take less electricity.

Apart from refrigerators, air conditioners, and like television sets, washing machines, rice cookers are dealing every day household electrical appliances, and what usage details that can help us save electricity? According to reports, there are rice cookers on the market are divided into two: one is the machinery in the rice cooker, another computer in the rice cooker. When using mechanical electric rice cooker, rice cooker cover on a towel, taking care not to cover the vent, which can reduce the heat loss. When rice soup after boiling, lift the press uses electric heat soup with dehydrated, then press down key, and simmer for 15 minutes and serve immediately. After use, the rice cooker, be sure to disconnect the power plug, or when temperature drops below 70 degrees inside the rice cooker will automatically power on so that both electricity and shortens the service life. Try to choose power large electric rice-cooker, boil the same amount of rice, 700-Watt rice cooker ratio 500-watt rice cooker to save time. Computerized rice cooker power generally larger, at around 800 watts, thereby saving, but the price is slightly expensive, generally between 500 Yuan to 800 Yuan.

TV energy-saving can be done through the following ways: first of all control the contrast and brightness of the color TV set power consumption can vary greatly for the lightest and darkest 3O Watts to 50 Watts, recommend that indoor open a low-wattage fluorescent lamp, increase contrast and brightness to the TV is the best. Followed by controlling the volume, louder, higher power consumption. Third way is when watching DVDs, the best in AV mode. In AV mode, the signal is direct access, reduced TV tuner work naturally reduces power consumption. Is watching TV after IV, you can’t use the remote shutdown, turn off the power to the TV. After remote shutdown, TV is still in the machine ready for use, and electricity. Under normal circumstances, standby for 10 hours, which is equivalent to consume half a degree. Finally, the dust cover up the TV, this prevents the TV sucked into dust, dusty has increased power consumption.

Washing machine use may wish to take note of these details, you can help us save some unnecessary power consumption costs, if there are enough laundry, centralized scrubbing methods determined according to types and the degree of soiling of clothes washing; using light to dry clothes as much as possible, to reduce the use of dryer, if necessary, dehydration time 1.5 minutes; do not power on idling.

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