Safe to drink tap water _ Chinese air conditioning network

Safe to drink tap water technology streamlines the overall design, intelligent, moisture-proof, anti-fouling design.

Direct health drink, sweet and refreshing, cooking, soups, tea, taste nice. Nourishing the skin, eliminate secretion on the skin, can eliminate fat in the digestive system, for small household electrical appliances, so that appliances extend life, can also be used to breed fish.

Hunan thermostat smart Water Purifier features the blue float ZHRO-50-E-introduction

Introduce floating blue water machine

Simple design, patented “bottle cap” design allows the bucket with the machine is easy to separate, when the water when it is full, the machine automatically stops water, can produce 20 barrels of drinking water per day, a bucket capacity of 2.5 gallons, easy to carry out.

“big cap” design makes it easy and fast cleaning buckets without fear of secondary pollution, buckets and funnel can be applied to all. Five automatic water systems, imported booster pumps comply with CE and UL standards, low noise, high water, and long service life.

United States imported GE,RO film, much water, and machine imports, through ISO-900 certification, Enterprise patent exterior styling, patent cartridge style. &nbsp

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