Rubber Grommets For Compressor Refrigeration pipe

Sell rubber grommets for refrigeration pipe,compressor copper pipe in HVAC system.As heat pump accessory or refrigeration parts,it fits for copper pipe with size 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″,1 inch,etc.Mounting and adding weight to copper pipe to absorb and remove the resonance sympathetic vibration from compressor in air conditioner,refrigerator or heat pump.

Place of Origin:

  • Direct-sale by China Manufacturer.
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

 Order Or Inquiry On “Rubber Grommets For Refrigeration pipe”

These rubber grommets for compressor refrigeration pipe are for sale.They rubber split grommets fits for compressor copper tube 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″, 1 inch…

The rubber grommets is used as counterweight for compressor copper pipe system,and so, it it also named refrigeration copper pipe rubber add-on weight blocks.In the refrigeration pipe system or heat pump system,engineer always use these rubber blocks to adjust the natural frequency of the refrigerant pipe,to reduce,absorb or remove noise and vibration by changing the weight of the refrigerant pipe of the air conditioner, and so to avoid the resonance of the refrigerant pipe.

The natural frequencies from different refrigeration pipe system are different and therefore the weight of the rubber grommet must be matched with system. There are many sizes of refrigerant pipes for  many compressors in the HVAC system, but fewer types of counterweights can be find in market,and thus,Smartclima make many moulds to develop most of counterweight grommets (rubber add-on weight block) to adapte to the refrigerant pipe structure of different refrigerant pipes.These parts are the best choice for the compressor in HVAC system, air conditioner,freezer,fridge and heat pimp to remove noise and vibration.

  • [Material and Description] These rubber compressor grommets for HVAC project are made of high quality rubber,anti-aged performance, and they are always used to reduce or remove vibration or working noise which comes from compressor installed in freezers,refrigerators,air conditioner outdoor unit and heat pumps. The working principle is to mount copper pipe( suction & discharge line from compressor) and thus avoid or reduce viberation from the HVAC system. And so,they are also named with rubber vibration dampening grommets,Rubber buffer kits,rubber antivibration blocks or adding weight for refrigeration copper pipe system. 
  • [Models and Available Size] For  refrigerant copper tube 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″, 1inch…(See below tables).
  • [Feature] Abrasion resistant;High in strength;Perfect finish.
  • [Application] This product is always used in refrigeration HVAC system,including air conditioner, heat pump water heater, air dehumidifier,fridge,ice machine,etc,to mount on the copper pipe and thus to avoid or reduce viberation from the system.
  • [Customized Design] For special dimension, accept customized production if bulk order.

compressor copper pipe rubber grommet counterweight block

Models & Details for “Rubber Grommets For compressor copper pipe”

Compressor copper pipe system rubber grommets are specifically designed to absorb and remove the resonance sympathetic vibration from the compressors in HVAC Refrigeration system,and thus become the top-quality vibration isolation and dampening choice for copper tube when refrigeration compressor working.

Advantage :

√ Made from natural rubber,can stand long years and anti-aged,use antiaginy technology.
√ High in strength,and no easy to break;
√ Easy to use,just around the copper tube and tie it;
√ Various types and various sizes to meet your demand;
√ Customizable size if you required.

Application of Rubber Split Grommets:
This product is always used in HVAC refrigeration system,to mount compressor`s copper pipe system and thus to avoid or reduce viberation from the HVAC system working.Made from qyality rubber,anti-aged performance.

Method of use:
Because the rubber grommet is to prevent collisions between the pipes, due to the eccentric protection pipe plastic piece of ontology, to ensure that the assembly location accurate, usually to protect pipe rubber block position remains unchanged, with a corresponding tighten belt tied tightly.

Dimension and Parameter:
For mounting copper tube 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″, 7/8″, 1inch… (See below tables)

Rubber Grommets For Refrigeration pipe

Rubber Grommets For Refrigeration pipe

rubber buffer for copper tube rubber add-on weight block for refrigerant compressor
Rubber grommets mounting on copper pipe used as damper kit to reduce or avoid vibration when refrigerating compressor working.
Rubber Grommets For Refrigeration pipe
Rubber grommets used on compressor pipe system to add weight to avoid vibration.


Rubber Grommets For Compressor Refrigeration pipe 1

Choice models:(some sizes are not shown in table,please contact us for all models and sizes)

ModelHole ID (mm)Grommet OD(mm)Height (mm)Suit for pipe(mm)Weight (gram)
3001A5.530246.35 (1/4″)40g/50g±3
3001B8.730249.52 (3/8“)40g/50g±3
3001C11.5302412.7 (1/2“)40g±3
3001D15302415.88 (5/8”)40g±3
3001G7.130247.94 (5/16″)40g/50g±3
2009E17.5554019.05 (3/4″)200g±5
258g21554022 (7/8″)258g±5
PZK-039.2535359.5275/ 115g±3
PZK-097.83030 concentric 7.9440g±3
PZK-129.523030 concentric 9.5240g±3
ModelHole ID (mm)Grommet OD (mm)Height  (mm)Suit for pipe (mm)Weight


How to purchase “Rubber Grommets For Refrigeration pipe ”

  • Thess blocks are basically in stock available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with container delivery;
  • If you need customized dimension,please let us know.
  • Please contact us to email:

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Smartclima is a specilized company to supply various HVAC rubber products,including compressor rubber gromments, rubber spacer,compressor feet rubber mount,anout outdoor unit damping rubber feet mount.We have plenty of dimensions and different weight for each type,welcome to contact us.

Some knowledge for “Rubber Grommets For Compressor Refrigeration pipe.rubber add-on weight block ”

The air conditioning or refrigeration system copper pipeline inevitably will generate vibration when the compressor is running, especially the exhaust pipe and the suction pipe directly connected to the compressor. Conventional practice is to change the resonant frequency by adding rubber eccentric weights or Rubber Grommets(names Rubber Adding Weight) onto the copper tube. Another method is to absorb the vibration by wrapping the copper tube with the rubber piece(also names Air Conditioning Pipe Fittings Rubber Clump Weight), and also has the function of  add-weight.

The main material of the clay(Air Conditioning Pipe Fittings Rubber Clump Weight) is butyl rubber, which is made with other environmentally-friendly additives. It is a self-adhesive damping rubber sheet made by advanced technology. It adopts anti-adhesive paper layer and is covered with transparent film. It has strong adhesion to various materials, and has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance. It seals and absorbs the surface of the adherend,protection and other functions.
Recently, we found some low-quality gromments made of bad rubber which will melt and fall off from the copper tube, thus losing the shock absorption effect. All air conditioner and heat pump manufacturers have technical requirements for the damping block as following that the grommets needs to meet the test requirements of weather resistance, heat resistance, high temperature fluidity, low temperature flexibility, copper tube corrosion and toxicity. sure to test or purchase qualified products from top quality rubber manufacturers. You can’t buy goods or small workshops. The small details will affect the quality of the whole air conditioner system.
The brief requirements are as follows:
Heat resistance and cold resistance  
1.1 High temperature resistant damping damping block, required to test at -20 ° C ± 5 ° C and 115 ° C ± 5 ° C temperature for 72 hours, no flow, no hardening.  
1.2 Low temperature resistant damping damping block, required to test at -40 ° C ± 5 ° C and 50 ° C ± 5 ° C temperature for 72 hours, no flow, no folding without cracking. 
2. Metal corrosive   damping damping block has no corrosive effect on metallic copper, iron and surface coating (test temperature 100 ° C, time 7 days).
3. Toxicity and odor   damping The damping block is required to be non-toxic and odor-free (distilled water is colorless, odorless, non-toxic after being placed in 40 distilled water for 24 hours). 
4. The service life of damping block can be firmly tied or pasted, and there is no phenomenon of runny, shedding, hardening, brittleness, cracking and the like during the using period.
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Enquiries or Reviews

  1. Antonio

    I am looking for some rubber dampers used on air cooler`s compressor pipes with size 1/4″ and 1/2″.Could you send us the details?

  2. فروش کتاب پارشن

    Hello,do you have rubber damping mount used on compressor inside of outdoor unit?

  3. Eliza

    These grommets are fit for copper pipe only? Because my system is built with aluminium tube,does it also work?

  4. طرح لیبل محصولات غذایی

    Hello,are these grommets for wholesale in UAE?We have a refrigeration shop to sell HVAC parts,we need these rubber parts to resell here.

  5. Antonio

    We are a factory to manufacture heat pump and air conditioner unit based on Italy,and we are looking for a reliable partner to supply these rubber parts to use in our refrigeration system to reduce copper pipe`s viberation phenomenon.We will need them regularly every year.Please contact me.

  6. Luis gomes

    we are a company to make air conditioner system,we need model 3001A rubber grommet for 1/4″ pipe.

  7. Micheal Rusk

    I am with a heat pump manufacturing company in Canada and would like more info on the vibration absorbers for refrigerant lines off compressors. Specifically on u bends.

  8. Joaquin Galan

    I am interested in your Rubber Grommet 3001A. Please provide price and lead time for 50,000, 150,000 and 300,000 pcs

  9. mark moskovitz

    Looking for vibration damper for installed wire cable – the split refrigeration pipe grommets might work – how do you sell them e.g. smallest quantity?

  10. Travis K

    I’m looking for the 258g for the 22mm pipe, could you please provide price and availability for this product?

  11. Pat Murray

    Can you please advise price and leadtime for 1000 pcs on PN 3001B

  12. Jose M Vega

    I need a rubber grommet to install in a hole drilled on a cement board to hold a flexible natural gas line into an island grill structure. The natural gas line is 3/4″, the hole in the cement board can be drilled any dimeter needed to accommodate the grommet. The sole purpose of using a grommet is to prevent rain or snow from getting inside the island grill. Do you have any grommet suitable for this unusual application? What size hole you recommend I drill to hold the grommet in place? Finally, what is the price?
    Thanks for your help.

  13. Mixkino

    We are offering to our clients, Rubber Grommets that are used for manufacturing couplings. These have excellent cushioning property, which help them to maintain the continuity of the pipes and offer better grip. These are made using excellent quality rubber more..

  14. Paul Dierkes

    We are looking for a dampener that will fit a 42mm OD pipe. Similar to 30001D. Do you have anything available?

  15. Bob Cone

    Seeking availability for the 3001B & 3001C parts- are these distributed in the USA?

  16. Henk-Willem Brouwer

    I would like a price quotation for “Rubber Grommets For Refrigeration pipe” 1/2″ (code 30001C).
    Annual quantity 500 pcs.

    Is it possible to order 5 samples of each type?

  17. Darren Flavel

    WE need price on two Grommets, drawing attached.
    Please advise:
    Minimum order quantity
    Time to supply.
    Is it possible for sample.
    Thank you

  18. Kristian Maretic


    Can you send me a quotation for your product:

    30001A 30 24 6.35mm/ 1/4″

    The usage is copper tubes 6mm from rotative compressor.

    Thank you

  19. Zvonko Visnjic


    we are producer of domestic hot water heat pumps and we need rubber grommets for copper pipe.
    Can you send me offer for 1000 pcs per year for code 30001B.
    Can we get few samples before we order big quantity.

    Best regards !


  20. Marcin Starosta

    I’m acoustic engineer in one of withe-goods company. We are interested
    of some of Your vibro-acoustic reduction solutions for heat pump and cooling systems.
    Could You send me some more information about Your products like catalogue, price list? We are located in Poland. Is it possible to order and get delivery?
    Thank You

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