Rubber Damper Mat

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Rubber Damper Mat Type A

Rubber Damper Mat

Rubber Damper Mat


Rubber Damper Mat Type B,170X170X17mm

mat1 mat2 mat3 mat4

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor applications,and also for such as small HVAC units, air compressors, generators or any where vibration control is needed. Reduces noise and lessens machine downtime due to vibration related repairs. Temperature range – 40F to 200F degrees. Water, UV, chemical and solvent resistant. Independent Lab testing data available.
Reduce vibration transfer from equipment to surface and diminishes noise
Eliminates movement due to vibration
Safe for marine and nautical applications
UV resistant
For use in temperatures from -40 to 200 Fahrenheit
Use indoors or out for any application, such as smaller HVACR units or exercise equipment 200 – 500 lbs.

One Inquiry to Rubber Damper Mat

  1. My ac unit outdoor is placed onto the ground and it tooks big noise when working. Does this rubber mat can remove the noise?

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