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Item: Rubber Acoustic Roll

Short Description: Rubber Acoustic Roll is Acoustic &Damping materials.Damping refers to the characteristic that any vibration system is gradually degraded due to external influences and/or inherent phenomena of the system during vibration, and quantitative characterization of this characteristic.The sound insulation felt material is light, ultra-thin, soft, strong tensile strength, black finish, coil packaging; high-purity fine iron powder as raw material, applying the latest shock-absorbing and sound-insulating technology, can effectively isolate external noise and create A safe, quiet and comfortable environment.

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Place of origin: China,Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Rubber Acoustic Roll”

Rubber Acoustic Roll 2 Rubber Acoustic Roll 3

Models and Size:
Thickness 1.2mm common type,10meter(L)*1meter(W).
Thickness 1.8mm common type,10meter(L)*1meter(W).
Thickness 2.0mm common type,10meter(L)*1meter(W).
Thickness 2.8mm common type,10meter(L)*1meter(W).
Thickness 3.0mm common type,10meter(L)*1meter(W).
Thickness 2.0mm senior type,5meter(L)*1meter(W).
Thickness 3.0mm senior type,5meter(L)*1meter(W).

(Acoustic Roll is a rubber product. It has a taste in itself. It is recommended to open the doors and windows and the vent hole after installation. The ventilation is breathable every day, and the taste will slowly dissipate! !)

Product Features:

Product Name: high quality Rubber Acoustic Roll
Product performance: vibration / acoustic / thermal insulation
Flame retardant grade: B
Fire retardant grade: B

Our products are widely used in a variety of places in the construction industry needs noise reduction, home bedroom, plant, plant rooms, air compressor, meeting rooms, function rooms, KTV karaoke, industrial piping, office, car and so on.

Rubber-Acoustic-Roll2 Rubber-Acoustic-Roll3 Rubber-Acoustic-Roll4 Rubber-Acoustic-Roll5

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  • The product is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • More types of  Rubber Acoustic Roll are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
Working Principle on “Rubber Acoustic Roll”

Sound insulation
Ultra-quiet sound insulation material up to 90% of the iron powder specific gravity effectively increases its areal density. It is one of the important indicators used to measure the success of sound insulation materials. The surface density is increased, the material is heavy, and the sound insulation effect is natural. It is also a good guarantee that the ultra-quiet sound-insulating material relies on its very ideal areal density, and the single-weighted sound insulation can easily reach 20 decibels or more, while the monolithic sound insulation of the plate products It has exceeded 30 decibels.
The thinnest model of ultra-quiet soundproofing is only 0.8 mm, just the thickness of three business cards, the sound insulation of ultra-quiet 0.8 mm products is far better than the traditional wall with hundreds of times its thickness. When the product is thin, it saves space, effectively increasing the space utilization rate and creating greater benefits under the same area.
Moisture proof
After rigorous experimentation, after 72 hours of immersion in water, ultra-quiet without any deformation and foaming, etc., can still ensure that the use of ultra-static incense is still perfect.
Flame retardant
In terms of flame retardant, it has been authoritatively tested according to the latest international and most stringent standards. The super-smooth flammability is the highest grade B except for the incombustible stones, and the important toxic toxicity is also the building material. A very important indicator.
The smoke test of the ultra-static material reached the t0 level.
What is the concept of t0 level? I experimented with mice, did not die within 30 minutes of smoking, and completely recovered health within 3 days. This is the t0 level, the highest standard of non-toxic level.
Since the selected substrate is highly stable, its service life will not be affected. Through a series of system tests, the standard service life of the ultra-static incense sound insulation material is 60 years.
Environmental protection
The ultra-static incense soundproof material imported from Japan has adapted to the high environmental protection standards of Japan. After being introduced to China, it has been strictly tested by the national standard. The final data shows that the data of the ultra-static incense are far away. Better than national standards.
Wide range of uses
Ultra-static incense sound insulation material is a very good material, so the wide application is another great advantage of ultra-static incense. It can be used not only in large projects, but also in ordinary houses, hotels, hospitals, etc. .
One of the key points in using these places is the drainage pipe. Some materials are too large or too hard to wrap the pipes to isolate the noise.
The softness of the ultra-static material makes it bend well and fits tightly around the tube to completely solve the troubles from the drain. It can be said that as long as there is a need to isolate the noise, the ultra-static material can be used. Also you have a quiet world.
Easy to use
Ultra-static incense materials do not require any complicated procedures during construction. No large machinery is needed for construction. It is just a small knife and a few cans of glue, which is convenient for construction.
The softness of the ultra-static material makes it bend well. It is also used on curved pipes. It fits tightly around the pipe body and completely solves the troubles from the drain pipe. It can be said that as long as there is a need to isolate noise, With super static incense materials, it will also give you a quiet world.

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