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Item: Round Duct Muffler

Short Description: Used in the air duct system.Usually,the air duct system will produce noise because of air rapid flow in the duct.This muffler help to reduce noise in the air duct.

Models and Details: Φ150,Φ200,Φ250,Φ300,Φ350

Place of origin: China

Sell to worldwide.

Accept retailed small order or bulk order by container.

Models & Details for “Round Duct Muffler”

Product Features:

  • Jacket outer:Double aluminium flex duct+aluminium caps at two ends;
  • Insulation: Polyester blanket in 50mm thickness;
  • Core duct: Non-woven fabrics duct +Steel wire;
  • With Connector Φ150,Φ200,Φ250,Φ300,Φ350;
  • Length: 500mm and 1000mm(optional);
  • Used with duct fans together usually;
  • Can reduce noise from air duct;

Round-Duct-Muffler-1 Round-Duct-Muffler-2

Buying Guide to “Round Duct Muffler”
  • The product is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • More types of  Round Duct Muffler are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
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