Roof Ventilator Wind Powered Project

Roof Ventilator Wind Powered Project( For reference)

We install our roof ventilators for many projects.Below photos are part of them for your reference.

1),2013 project for Cloth Factory  roof ventilation;

2),2013 project for Metal Factory roof ventilation;

3),2012 project for Metro in Cixi China.

4),2012 project for Vanguard SuperMarket roof ventilator

5),2012 project for Fulihua Shoe&Cloth factory roof ventilation

6),2011 project for Ningbo Wanjiaxi Rural Farm roof ventilation;
Roof-Ventilator4 Roof-Ventilator6

7),Project for residential roof ventilation in Cixi City

8),Project for residential roof ventilation in Cixi City


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2 Inquires to Roof Ventilator Wind Powered Project

  1. Hello dear seller.

    I was looking at these ventilators and I thought they could also be used as electric wind generators.

    All you would need to add to them would be some magnets and some writing.

    Since these ventilators spin day and night four seasons they could be installed on all houses in Europe and America and many other parts of the world.

    If you find this idea interesting please speak with some electric engineers and ask for their opinions see what they will say.

    If it works you could make and sell a lot of them in many parts of the world.

    Thank you very much

    • Hello,Rommel.
      Yes,your idea looks very well,thank you. But I`m afraid that the spin very weak,and thus the electric produced is very small. Yes?

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