Refrigerator Freezer Copper Dryer Filter

[Material] Made of high quality Copper tube.

[Parameter & Available Size] See below charts

[Application] Use as dry filter in freezer

[Place of origin Supplied by China Manfacturer, Made in China, export to worldwide.

  • Gushan large branch 111mm*18mm
  • Gushan small branch 111mm*14.5mm
  • Three flowers 111mm*14.5mm
  • Three flowers 129mm*18.4mm
  • Three flowers 130*16mm
  • Three flowers 128*18mm
  • Thor 130mm*18.5mm
  • Thor 128mm*14.8mm
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Gushan large branch 111mm*18mm, Gushan small branch 111mm*14.5mm, Three flowers 111mm*14.5mm, Three flowers 129mm*18.4mm, Three flowers 130*16mm, Three flowers 128*18mm, Thor 130mm*18.5mm, Thor 128mm*14.8mm


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