Refrigerator defrost circuit troubleshooting

Here is indirect-cool refrigerator circuit fully automated creams.
1, symptom: refrigerator refrigeration sometimes correctly, sometimes not cooling properly, or even cooling difficulties, compressor running constantly for a long time. If refrigerator is stopped for a few days, longer and normal. This is due to problems with defrost circuit, evaporator not defrost properly, when the evaporator frosting piled thick on the surface, blocking air circulation, reduces the heat efficiency of evaporator, thereby causing the refrigerator cooling problems and long operation of the compressor.
2, the elimination method: use a multimeter to check the defrosting time relay motor DC resistance value, normally for about 8,000 euros. If resistance to normal and power into not checking, listen to your motor’s voice, a voice note the motors can work. If the defrost timer is damaged, repair or replacement can be carried out. If the defrost timer is working properly, then check the defrost thermostat, when the ambient temperature is + 13 c, the thermostat should be disconnected, as a lead General description the thermostat is broken. If this thermostat can be placed in a refrigerator freezer, freeze at temperatures below-5 ° c for 10 minutes, R*1 block measurement with multimeter should be conducted, such as no instructions defrost thermostat is broken, due to the defrost circuit fails so the defrost is not possible. Defrost thermostat is damaged replacement products.
If the defrost thermostat is no problem, should further check the defrost heater drain heater hungry, their parallel resistance is generally about 300-320 ohms if heater heating element is damaged and should be replaced. Also to check the defrost fuse, its temperature reaches 65-70 ° c disconnect, disconnect only after replacement of new products.

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