Refrigerator capillary A2000 Thermostat

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Refrigerator capillary A2000 Thermostat

Refrigerator capillary A2000 Thermostat

We supply thermostats with Ranco,danfoss,Robertshaw,F2000,A2000,heat thermostat,series.

A2000 Thermostat

1)Ranco thermostat
2) Danfoss thermostat
3) F2000 A2000 Thermostat
4)A   types
5)711 types
Capillary thermostat for ice box, refrigerator, freezer and other similar equipments.
Temperature range:-35C~+35C, 0-40C
Rating at: 16A(4) /110V~250V
Switching differential: 2C/3.5C/5C
Protection class: IP43
More details,please contact with us. A2000 Thermostat
Ranco:K50-P1110 K50-P1125 K50-P1126 K50-P1127 K50-P1179 K50-P1216 K50-P1272
          K50-P1346 K54-P1102 VT9(K59-L1102) K59-L3111-002   K59-P3018-003
          K60-P1013 etc.
Danfoss:077B0021 077B0033 077B0407 077B1110 077B2671  077B6208 077B6706 etc.

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