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Hot gas bypass valve is a mechanical device that utilizes the balance principle of refrigerant pressure and spring force to control valve inlet/outlet pressure. The energy regulated hot gas bypass valve provides a means to maintain the system to operate at a given low suction pressure by bypassing the high pressure refrigerant to the low pressure side of the system. This article will introduce you to the role, construction and installation of a refrigerated compressor hot gas bypass valve.
1.The configuration of the hot gas bypass valve :
parallel compressor – multi-stage control;
variable speed compressor – frequency conversion, etc.;
compressor with unloading device;
hot gas bypass.
For single-compressor refrigeration systems that do not have an energy conditioning device themselves, it is very economical to use hot gas bypass to perform energy regulation of the system.
2.The main function of the hot gas bypass valve :
for a virtual load;
coil defrosting;
the evaporator as a mixing chamber.
3.Main advantages of hot gas bypass valve :
prevent compressor short circuit;
prevent compressor from working under very low suction pressure;
prevent evaporator from freezing when low load;
make system parts less;
very good oil return performance .
In many air conditioning and refrigeration systems, hot gas bypass valves provide a practical, economical and reliable energy conditioning solution. Especially suitable for compressors without their own energy regulation mechanism. It can better maintain the suction pressure when the evaporator is under low load, prevent the evaporator from freezing, and maintain better oil return performance.

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