Category: Electronic Expansion Valves

Summary:The electronic expansion valve is a throttling element that can enter the refrigerant flow rate of the refrigeration unit according to a preset procedure. In some cases where the load changes drastically or the operating conditions are wide, the traditional throttling components (such as capillary tubes , thermal expansion valves, etc.) can not meet the requirements of comfort and energy saving. The electronic expansion valve combined with the compressor variable capacity technology has been Get more and more widely used applications. At present, the research on electronic expansion valves generally includes three directions: application research, flow characteristics, control strategies and algorithms.
As a new type of control component, electronic expansion valve has become an important part of the intelligentization of refrigeration system, and it is also an important means and guarantee for the optimization of refrigeration system. It is used in more and more fields. The application of electronic expansion valves will surely mature with the advancement and development of technology.

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