Refrigeration Parts

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Refrigeration Parts

Item: Refrigeration Parts

Supply Refrigeration Parts for Refrigerator,Freezer,Air conditioner and other cooling or heating device,Including A/C refrigeration tools,scales and parts,copper tubes and fitting,Copmpressor and refrigerant,heat exchangers and thermostat,and so on.

Refrigeration Parts are used for refrigeration system and air conditioner system as accessory or replacement parts.Refrigeration(usually including cooling and heating process) is a process in which work is done to move heat from one location to another. The work of heat transport is traditionally driven by mechanical work, but can also be driven by heat, magnetism, electricity,or other means. Refrigeration has many applications, including, but not limited to: household refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, and air conditioning. Heat pumps may use the heat output of the refrigeration process, and also may be designed to be reversible, but are otherwise similar to refrigeration units.The medium in refrigeration is always refrigerant,alcohol,sometims also can be water.From Smartclima understand,materials for refrigeration can be catergoried to be energy promotion(mainly is pump,compressor),energy exchanger,energy moving device,copper pipeline system,refrigeration system controling devices,HVACR tools,heating elements,insulation materials.

As an one-stop solution company,Smartclima is able to supply the entire line of Refrigeration Parts and Refrigeration System replacement parts which includes: Roll Bond Evaporator;More Roll Bond Evaporator;Big Size Flat Heat Exchanger;Wire On Tube Condenser;Tube On Plate Evaporator;Coaxial heat exchanger;Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger;Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger;Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger;Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger;Water-cooled heat exchanger;Air Heat Exchanger;Tube coil immersion heat exchanger;Fin Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger;Serpentine Condenser;Fin U tube Air Cooled Heat Exchanger;Water Cooling Radiator;Copper Fittings;Copper Branching Joint;Brass Fittings;Quick Coupler,Refrigerant Connecting Pipe,Guage Valve,Charging Hose, Manifold Set;Control Devices For Refrigerating System;Refrigeration Copper Tube Tools;Vacuum Pump;Vacuum Pump;Thermostat;Defrost Timer;Fan Motor & Accessories.


“Refrigeration Parts”

HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>> Copmpressor(Energy promotion)


  • Refrigerating Compressor
  • Thermodynamic Compressor(High Temperature Compressor)








HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts >>Refrigerant Gas


  • Refrigerant Gas R22
  • Refrigerant Gas R12
  • Refrigerant Gas R 134A
  • Refrigerant Gas R404A
  • Refrigerant Gas R406A
  • Refrigerant Gas R407C
  • Refrigerant Gas R410A
  • Refrigerant Gas R502
  • Refrigerant Gas R507
  • Refrigerant Gas R290
  • Refrigerant Gas R600A
  • Refrigerant Gas R145B
  • Refrigerant Gas R23
  • MAPP Gas


HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>> Heat Exchangers,Energy Exchangers


  • Roll Bond Evaporator
  • Big Size Flat Heat Exchanger
  • Wire On Tube Condenser,Tube On Plate Evaporator
  • Coaxial heat exchanger
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger
  • Water-cooled heat exchanger
  • Side Arm Heat Exchanger
  • Air Heat Exchanger
  • Anti-corrosion heat exchanger
  • Tube coil immersion heat exchanger,Fin Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger
  • Serpentine Condenser
  • More … …

HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>> Drive Energy Moving And Diffusing

refrigerating fans

  •  Square Shaded Pole Motor
  •  C Frame Shaded Motor
  •  Axial Flow Draft Fan
  •  Fan Motor Bracket
  •  Motor Fan Blade
  • Fan Gille Guard
  • Condenser Fan Motor





HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>> Copper Fittings & Brass Fittings(Energy Pipe system)


HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>>Temperature control devices,Energy Control Devices


  •  K Series Thermostat
  • 077B Series Thermostat
  • Universal Refrigerator F2000 Thermostat
  • WZA-D Series Thermostat
  • Bimetallic Switch Refrigeration Defrost Termination Thermostat
  • Defrost Freezer Thermostats Refrigerator Fuse
  • Ice Maker Defrost Thermostat
  • KSD Series Thermostat
  • UF72 Thermostat Danfoss Universal
  • Room Thermostat MRT-7E
  • ETC-3000 All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller … …
  • Adjustable Thermostat For Cooling And Heating
  • Defrost Timers,4-Way Reversing Valve
  • More … …

HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>>Refrigeration Tools & Meter Instruments


  • Copper Flaring Tool,Cordless Flaring Tool
  • Copper Tube Cutter
  • Copper Tube Bender,Copper Tube Spring Bender
  • Copper Tube Tool Kit
  • Tube Inner-Outer Reamer
  • Condenser Fin Straightener
  • Copper Tube Expanding Tool Kit
  • Copper Tube Deburrer
  • Copper Tube Inspect Mirror,Picking Up Tool
  • Capillary Tube Cutter
  • Ratchet Wrench
  • Vulkan Lokring
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Gas Torch
  • Charging Hose
  • Bellow Compound Gauge
  • 68mm Pressure Gauge,80mm Liquid Filled Gauge,80mm Pressure Gauge
  • Single Gauge Valve,Manifold Set
  • Refrigerant Charging Scale
  • Refrigeratant Gas Leak Detector
  • Refrigerant Charging Station
  • Refrigerant Recovery Unit
  • More … …

HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements >> Insulation Materials



HVAC Parts >>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements >>Welding Materials And Welding Tools


  • Brazing Rods
  • Brass Brazing Rod
  • Phosphorus Copper Brazing Rod
  • Silver Brazing Rods
  • Bronze Welding Rod Material
  • Silver Copper Welding Rod Material
  • Flux for brazing rod welding
  • Deoxidized Copper Welding Wire Material
  • Brazing Rod Built-in Flux
  • Brazing Rings
  • Brazing Flux Vaporizer
  • Soldering Tool for DIY welding
  • More … …
Buying Guide to “Refrigeration Parts”
  • The parts listed are available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of  Refrigeration Parts are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: or ,we can supply more products.
General Knowledge on “Refrigeration”

Refrigeration principle
The role of general refrigerator compressor cooling principle is to compress the lower pressure steam to higher pressure steam, so that the volume of the steam is reduced, the pressure increases.
The compressor suction pressure from the evaporator lower working fluid out of the steam, so that the pressure rise into the condenser, condensed in the condenser to a higher pressure fluid, after the throttle valve throttling, the pressure becomes relatively low liquid into the evaporator, absorbing heat in the evaporator is evaporated into low pressure steam, and then fed to the inlet of the compressor, thus completing the refrigeration cycle.
The vapor compression refrigeration principle
Single-stage vapor compression refrigeration system is determined by the refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator and throttle four basic components. Sequentially connecting pipe between them, form a closed system, the refrigerant in the system constantly circulates, a change of state, heat exchange with the outside world.
After the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat of the object to be cooled in the evaporator, into the vaporization temperature low-pressure steam, is sucked into the compressor, compressed into a high pressure high temperature steam into the condenser, the condenser of the cooling medium (water or air ) heat, condenses to a high pressure liquid, through the throttle valve is throttled to a low temperature and pressure of the refrigerant enters the evaporator absorbs heat of vaporization again achieve a circulating cooling purposes. Thus, the refrigerant in the system via evaporation, compression, condensation, throttling four basic process is complete a refrigeration cycle.
In refrigeration systems, evaporators, condensers, compressors and refrigeration systems throttle is essential four pieces, which were cold evaporator is transported equipment. The refrigerant cooled in the heat which is absorbed by the object of refrigeration. Compressor is the heart, plays a suction, compression, transport refrigerant vapor action. Condenser is a heat release device, the heat absorbed in the evaporator compressor work together with the transformed heat transfer to the cooling medium taken away together. Throttle refrigerant from throttling effect, while controlling and regulating the amount of refrigerant into the evaporator liquid, and the system is divided into the high side and low side of two parts. The actual cooling systems, in addition to the four pieces outside, often have some auxiliary equipment, such as solenoid valves, distributor, dryer, collector, fusible plug, pressure controllers and other components, which are run in order to improve economy, reliability and safety are provided.

Professional Refrigeration Parts Supplier,Providing One-stop Service For Your Refrigerating Project

Smartclima is a compositive leading manufacturers and suppliers of  Refrigerating Material,especially to supply various heat exchanges,refrigerating tools,copper ftiings,and refrigerating parts.We export products to the world. In a short 10 years,we have been developed to lead the industry in  HVACR field. Whatever your requirement in the field, we can correctly source and supply it, our wide refrigerating materials range features a product for every cold&heat purpose.
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  1. Gianliuca

    My pleasure to know Smartclima.We want to distribute your products and refrigeration parts in our zone in Italy.Could you send us price sheet?

  2. Carlos Vargas

    Hi,I am working (as a partner) for a Mexican company developed by two friends and myself.. this company is dedicated to sales of spare parts, Service industrial/residential and HVAC equipment (all kind of equipment Chillers, A/C packages, etc..)

    We are looking opportunities to develop international vendors who’s can help us to get equipment and spare parts as needed to commercialize into the North, Center, West and South of Mexico, Here in Monterrey City we are located and we have very important and premium customers.. Always asking for better lead times and cost reduction into theirs projects for preventive and corrective maintenance services.. as for new equipment installation as needed..

    I was wonder to know if you would participate into our global supply chain vendors list.. all we need is to know if you can ship directly to Mexico, to Monterrey Nuevo Leon City.. or ship all the required stuff at Phar Tx..

    Could you please let us know you business model and how’s this works? Costs? Lead time? what kind of equipment you can offer us and spare parts list that we can handle related to you products?

    Meanwhile I am attaching a file with some spare parts that I need to quote, please quote in increments of 100 of each or let me know what size is you economical lot size.

  3. ajmal khan

    hello sir,
    I am gng to start a hvac spare parts shop i need spare parts little quantity only as perproduct sale for this quantity u will delivered spare or i want to purchase a bulk amount, if blk amount means i cant

    • Prateek Bohra

      Hi, I am Delhi based trader of Refrigeration and Aircon spares, Pls get in touch with us for all your requirements.

  4. ChoiMing

    Your site is very impressive.We are a Korean company,always import refrigeration products from China.The parts we purchase are mainly refrigerant,copper pipe and fittings,refrigeration tools and other accessories.In Korean,we have more than 60 places to sell our items.We need a long and good service company to export air conditioner parts and refrigerator parts to us.Could you send your catalogue to us?We are very interested to do business with you.Await your reply.

  5. Uku Loide

    Hello.We have spoken before last year. We are looking new contacts in China for refrigeration parts and HVAC parts. And we are interested to co-operate with you. We are heating and cooling company.We will come to China in 5th march 2015 and we allready have some meetings. Bt we would like to vist you comapny as well. Is it possible to visit you in 9 th until 12th march?If so, then we can arrange our trip to you company.

    We are interested about:
    Heat pump compressors – copeland, sanyo etc.
    Controllers – carell, siemens
    Copper tube
    Vulkan fittings
    PV panels. Hybrid solar panels and etc.
    and all other products for HVAC and refrigerating.

  6. Hugo Angeline

    Our company specialised in the field of maintenance & installation professional/domestic air conditioning, refrigeration equipment & cold rooms.
    Having come accross your web site, i have found that you supply air conditioning & refrigeration. We are actually looking for supplier that can supply us with reliable product at competitive prices and we believe that your company offers that kind of products that we would like to be associated with.

    Kindly send us the price list of your available product together with your terms & conditions of service.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  7. Romeo

    Do you currently have any association within Australia for your refrigeration parts? I have 40 plus years experience in the AC, Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Industries, I also have experience with Mechanical Electrical, BMS and sustainable products, I currently work at a City Council and operate a small sales business which would be interested in a relationship with SmartClima products here in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.We are mainly interested in:heat exchangers,copper pipes and fittings,refrigeration system controlling devices,refigeration tools,and other HVAC parts and accessories.

  8. Victor Hugo-Lopez-Araiza

    Would you like to have a Representant or Dealer for your refrigeration parts in Mexico?

  9. Giuseppe Palladino

    Hi,I’m interested in to sell refrigeration parts to Argentina. Can u please give me the catelogue and the price cost products also cost of shipping to Argentina.
    Thank you

  10. Steve Quatchak

    Interested in importing Refrigeration Parts from Smartclima. Do you provide price sheet? How fast to delivery? And are you able to customize the products if we provide you drawing or sample?

    • admin-smartclima

      Hello,We don`t have a complete price for all products.Delivery time depends on your order. If we have stock,we `ll delivery out within a week.We can customize to manufacture. Thank you.

  11. Sandra

    Hello! This is Sandra.
    We specialize in finding realible suppliers and good quality products for our international customers.

    Right now we are looking for several products for a big customer in Colombia, South America.

    It looks like your company, that we found through Google, can provide
    many of the items that our customer needs.

    Please find the attached list of some of the products we are looking for
    You can send us your quotation base on your required MOQ

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Best regards,

    • admin-smartclima

      Thanks for your choice.First,congratulate for your right choice. Yes,we can provide you many products,refrigeration parts,and we have abundant experience to cooperate with big company branded.We viewed your purchased list,and our salesman has contact you by email. Thank you.

  12. Scott S. Furui

    Dear Sir,

    We are pleased to have an opportunity to communicate with you.

    We are Japanese company specialized for HVAC international trading business
    with more than 20 years rich experience.

    We are now working with our potential customer in Australia, who required several
    items for air conditioner installation and refrigeration parts, and we learnt through internet that you are
    capable to supply such.

    The items we need are:

    1. Wall and slopped roof condensing units bracket — see attached file for detailed

    2. Duct trunking (PVC/ABS) — Duct, Wall Cap, Elbow, Corner, Joint, 45 degree elebow
    flexible joint.

    3. Copper tube Pancake coil — size: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ & 3/4″ (should be suitable
    for refrigerant R-410a.)

    4. Insulated pair coil of following size combinations and spec:

    1/4″x0.8 + 3/8″x0.8 x20m
    1/4″x0.8 + 1/2″x0.8 x20m
    1/4″x0.8 + 5/8″x1.0 x20m
    3/8″x0.8 + 5/8″x1.0 x20m
    3/8″x0.8 + 3/4″x1.22 x20m
    1/2″x0.8 + 3/4″x1.22 x20m

    5.Copper tube bender kit

    6.Copper fittings for copper pipe connect.

    For insulation, heat resistance should be more than 110 degree C.

    We beleive that you have full range of above and we highly appreciated
    for your prompt reply.

    When offering us, you please provide to send your E-catalogue of all
    above items.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Scott S. Furui

    • admin-smartclima

      We can supply the products as you required in the list.Our saleman has contacted you by email,please check it.Thank you.

  13. Rafał

    do you have distributor in usa?i am building a sample project of refrigerating system.i need some refrigeration parts:flat heat exchanger with dim.1000x600mm;copper elbows,connecting pipe.i hope to buy at a company together.thanks.

    • admin-smartclima

      Very sorry,but we don`t have distributor agent in usa.if you like to become,we can discuss. 🙂

  14. Kathy

    very nice website.i am running a online shop to sell refrigeraton parts in here western australian market. want to purchase products from smartclima. pls contact asap.thank you.

    • admin-smartclima

      Hello,I already asked our salesman to contact you.

  15. Mohanmmod

    Hi,Smartclima,I`m from Dubai.At present,I`m in the business of building materials,and because of
    same sale network,we are also going to du business of refrigeration parts.I made a survey from internet,and
    want a good partner from China,who can supply me all what I need,including refrigerating products,and delivery service.
    I found your company Smartclima is provide many parts of HVAC,and from your website,it seems that you have a very good
    understand in the field of refrigerating,as you have a clear category.So,I now understand its product lines very well.
    Is it possible to get sole distributor in Dubai as agent of Smartclima?

    • admin-smartclima

      Hi, is there anyone from Smartclima to contact you. I have let our HVAC department salesman contact you.Check your mailbox.

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