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In the manufacturing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, welding is a key technology, and the main welding method is brazing. Brazing is needed to repair most faults of refrigeration system. How to ensure and improve the quality of brazing is very important.

Brazing is divided into soft soldering and hard soldering. Soldering, also known as soldering, uses electric iron or blowtorch as welding torch.

There are many kinds and brands of solder. Such as silver solder, brass solder, nickel base solder and low silver phosphor copper solder and so on.

When welding and repairing refrigeration equipment, we should first consider what kind of material is the welded and repaired joint, and then consider the economy.

Generally speaking, the welding joint of refrigeration cycle system has the following combinations:

(1) it is copper pipe and copper pipe (low silver phosphor copper solder containing Ag 2 and Ag 5 should be selected for welding repair);

(2) copper pipe and Bondi pipe (Bondi pipe is actually copper-plated steel pipe);

(3) it is Bondi pipe and steel pipe. For these two ways of welding repair, it is better to select silver solder with silver content of more than 21, rather than low silver phosphor copper solder, because the phosphorus in the solder will form brittle phase with steel, which will cause phosphorus embrittlement in the weld and affect the quality of welding repair.

The selection of flux depends on the material and solder of the weldment. For the welding of copper pipe and copper pipe, phosphor copper solder can be used without flux. If silver copper solder or copper zinc solder is used, non corrosive flux, such as borax, boric acid or a mixture of both, can be used. For the welding between copper pipe and steel pipe or between steel pipe and steel pipe, when silver copper solder or copper zinc solder is used, active flux shall be selected.

The brazing operation is a technological process in which the brazing filler metal with lower melting point than the base metal is heated together with the base metal. When the base metal does not melt, the brazing filler metal melts and moistens and fills the gap between the two base metals to form a brazing joint

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