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Summary: The refrigeration compressor is the core and heart of the refrigeration system . The capabilities and characteristics of the compressor control determine the capabilities and characteristics of the refrigeration system. In a sense, the design and matching of the refrigeration system is to reflect the capabilities of the compressor. Therefore, the refrigeration industry in the world has invested a lot of energy in the research of refrigeration compressors, and new research directions and research results have emerged. The technology and performance levels of compressors are changing rapidly. There are many types of compressors. According to different working principles, refrigeration compressors can be divided into fixed displacement compressors and variable displacement compressors.

Basic performance parameters of refrigeration compressor:
the actual amount of gas (referred to as the amount of gas);
volumetric efficiency;
the amount of refrigeration;
exhaust heat;
ndicating power and indicating efficiency;
shaft power, shaft efficiency and mechanical efficiency;
electric power and electrical efficiency;
coefficient of performance.

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