Refrigeration maintenance tips

As we all know, the life of the appliance has a certain, best home appliance, and may never use. However, we can take some measures, to extend the life of electrical appliances, do best. As a professional appliance and refrigeration repair business, we Northern waste recycling company customer service staff to receive customers ‘ questions. Then, as the refrigeration appliance, in fact, as long as you can do several things, you can easily extend the lifespan of the appliance.

First, not for the sake of power and frequently turn on appliances, often do the exact opposite actually.
Second, keep the condenser and evaporator clean, washing will enhance the effect of electrical refrigeration.
Third, do not get too close to the radiator from the wall, so as not to heat does not go out.
IV, while moving the appliance tilted no more than 45 degrees.

Simple four-note that you can easily protect your refrigeration equipment, life tips like this a lot, just waiting for you lot find. Other questions, you can also go directly to our northern waste recycling company customer service consulting, your support and concern, is our unremitting efforts to move.

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