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Refrigerant Gas

Short Description: Refrigerant , commonly known as snow seed in some areas. It is a continuous cycle in the refrigeration system and the state changes by itself to achieve refrigeration working substance. The refrigerant absorbs heat by a cooling medium (water or air) is vaporized in the evaporator, the condenser in the heat transfer to the surrounding air or water is condensed.
Types: R22,R134a,R407C…

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.Accept 1x20GP as minimium order(Can mix loading other refrigerant gas in a container).

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Models and details on “Refrigerant Gas”
Refrigerant Gas R22
Refrigerant Gas R12
Refrigerant Gas R134A
Refrigerant Gas R290
Refrigerant Gas R404A





Refrigerant Gas R406A
Refrigerant Gas R407C
Refrigerant Gas R410A
Refrigerant Gas R502
Refrigerant Gas R507


Refrigerant Gas R600A
R415b Refrigerant Gas
Refrigerant Gas R23
Refrigerant Mapp Gas
Mapp Gas




Buying Guide to “Refrigerant Gas”
  • Accept minimium order 1x20GP.As Refrigerant Gas is a special dangerous material.It use special container to delivery.Therefore,we always require our customer to book a whole container as minimium order for non-problem delivery.Also,in many cpuntries,if you want to import Refrigerant,the custom will require you certificate of import licenseS
  • Suggest to buy small quantity in your local market…When you have quantity 1x20GP,you can consider to import from us.
  • Not accept delivery by air;

Home>>Refrigerating Parts >>Refrigerant Gas 

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  • Juan Arias

    Good morning, we are an emerging company in the sale and distribution of refrigeration and air conditioning supplies, we are looking for new suppliers and manufacturers of refrigerant gases. Specifically we are looking for the Refrigerant and Global brand, which are important brands in the commercialization of refrigerant gases. I would appreciate your information. Also consult for the certificate of origin of the product. Thank you.

    • Smartclima


      Hi.Mr.Juan Arias,

      I’m Elena from Feiyuan Chem-refrigerant gas manufacturer of China .

      Our factory specialize in gas production with R32-30000Mt/Y & R125-20000Mt/Y & R134a-30000MT/Y, also mix R410a/R404a/R407c/R507. We’re stable vendor of Honeywell, Mexichem, Daikin, Mexichem,Gree, Haier,Media,etc.

      Hope we can have more communications.

      WhatsApp:+86 18353358953

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