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Refrigerant Gas R134a

Property and application:
HFC-134a is now internationally recognized as the refrigerant to replace CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) ideals and the product of choice, it has a low ozone in the atmosphere destructive (ODP); better safety performance, non-toxic, non-flammableproperties.
HFC-134a can be used in many areas of the use of CFC-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane), comprising: a refrigerant, a polymer foam and aerosol products. Medium temperature refrigeration is currently mainly used in car air conditioners, home appliances, small stationary refrigeration equipment, supermarkets, industrial refrigerators.
Because of low toxicity and non-flammable properties of HFC-134a, it was developed for use in pharmaceutical inhalation carrier. HFC-134a can also be used in the toxicity and flammability requirements of strict aerosol.
Product tetrafluoroethane R134A
Net Weight: 13.6Kgs

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.Accept 1x20GP as minimium order(Can mix loading other refrigerant gas in a container).

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Models and details on “Refrigerant Gas R134a”

Property of chloride :

Molecular Weight


Boiling Point, °C


Critical Temperature, °C


Critical Pressure, Mpa




Solubility(water, 25°C), %







1.Small can:100g one-piece can;200g,300g,340g,500g,1000g two-piece or three-piece can
2.Disposable Cylinder:7.5lb/3.4kg,30lb/13.6kg;50lb/22.7kg(Includes DOT and KGS package)
3.CE Refillable Cylinder:12L/12kg,13.6L/13.6kg,14.3L/14.3kg,50L/50kg
4.Refillable Big Cylinder:400L/400kg,800L/800kg,926L/950kg,1000L/1ton
5.ISO TANK:18-20tons.
Quality standard :

Purity, %


Moisture, PPm


Acidity, PPm


Vapor Residue, PPm



Colorless, No turbid


No Strange Stench

Buying Guide to “Refrigerant Gas R134a”
  • Accept minimium order 1x20GP.As R134a is a special dangerous material.It use special container to delivery.Therefore,we always require our customer to book a whole container as minimium order for non-problem delivery.Also,in many cpuntries,if you want to import R134a,the custom will require you certificate of import license.Plas ask your custom.
  • Suggest to buy small quantity in your local market…When you have quantity 1x20GP,you can consider to import from us.
  • Not accept delivery by air;

Home>>Refrigerating Parts >>Refrigerant Gas >>Refrigerant Gas R134a

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