Rail-type high-precision temperature and humidity controller range -10℃ to 70℃ 0-99.9%RH


Sell  Rail-type high-precision temperature and humidity controller range -10℃ to 70℃ 0-99.9%RH.

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1. Overview
1.1 Imported high-precision temperature and humidity sensors are used, and have the functions of adjustment and filtering

1.2 Double-row 0.36-inch high-brightness nixie tubes, the left row displays temperature, and the right row displays humidity

1.3 Two relay outputs: one for temperature control, one for humidity control,
or both for temperature or humidity, free combination.

Control mode: heating and humidifying state, heating and dehumidifying state;
                      temperature exhausting and humidifying state, temperature exhausting and dehumidifying state

                      Free combination in a variety of ways.

1.4  new version upgrade, higher precision, anti-interference, increase manual / automatic control switching function. Please refer to the manual for details.

2. Technical Specifications
2.1 Display: 0.36 inch high brightness red LED

2.2 Measurement resolution: temperature 0.1, humidity 0.1%RH Measurement accuracy: temperature ±0.5℃, humidity ±3%RH

2.3 Display range: temperature -19.9~99.9℃; humidity 0.0~99.9%RH

2.4 Alarm/control output: Two-way relay output, contact capacity 10A/250V AC 10A/28V DC
AL1 is temperature alarm/control output, AL2 is humidity alarm/control output
Two-way can independently set alarm/control value and hysteresis value

2.5 Power supply: AC85~265V power consumption is less than 4VA (other power supply instruments can be customized)

2.6 Working environment: Controller: -10~70℃, humidity lower than 90%RH
             Sensor: -19.9~99.9℃, humidity 0-99.9%RH

2.7 Dimensions: 72×110×59 mm

2.8 Standard 35 rail installation

Standard configuration: 1 temperature and humidity controller, 1 integrated temperature and humidity probe, 1 2-meter 4-core signal cable (the length can be customized), and 1 instruction manual.

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