R410a Copper Pipe,Air Conditioning R410a Refrigerant Copper Tube

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R410a Copper Pipe,Air Conditioning R410a Refrigerant Copper Tube

Item: R410a Copper Pipe,Air Conditioning R410a Refrigerant Copper Tube

Short Description: R410A air conditioning copper pipe tube is hard, difficult to be corrosion, stand high temperature, high pressure, and can be used in a variety of environments. In contrast,other pipes have many shortcomings,such as R22 copper pipe,it couldn`t stand high pressure. Also some material strength at elevated temperatures will rapidly decrease which will produce hidden dangers when used as hot water pipes, and the melting point of copper up to 1083 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the hot water system of copper pipes insignificant.But R410a copper can stand that temperature…

Materials:TP2 Copper

Important Features:Manufacture for R410a refrigerant system


Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “R410a Copper Pipe,Air Conditioning R410a Refrigerant Copper Tube”

Advantage and features :

√ Hard and more thickness;
√ Can stand high pressure;
√ Can stand high temperature;
√ Anti-corrosion;
√ Can be used in a variety of environments;
√ Available with various dimension;

Application :
This product is widely used in R410a refrigerant system,in air conditioner system,in heat pump system,in HVAC system.

Dimension and Parameter:

Type Length Actual OD Thickness
R410a Copper Pancake Coil-Soft state m Inch mm mm
15.00  1/4 6.35 0.76
15.00  3/8 9.52 0.81
15.00  1/2 12.70 0.81
15.00  5/8 15.88 0.89
15.00  3/4 19.05 0.89
15.00  7/8 22.22 1.14
R410a Copper Tube Straight Length-Hard state 4.00 1 1/8 28.58 1.27
4.00 1 25.40 1.27
4.00 1 1/4 31.75 1.27
4.00 1 3/8 34.93 1.27
4.00 1 5/8 41.28 1.27

Tolerance: +/-3% in unit thickness and weight is allowed.

R410a Copper Pancake Coil:


Copper Pancake Coil each end capped,wrapped in plastic bag into carton, then put onto pallet

R410a Copper Straight Tube:


Copper Straight Pipe each end capped,bundled in plastic bag, then put into wooden box.

Buying guide to “R410a Copper Pipe,Air Conditioning R410A Refrigerant Copper Tube ”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]
“The difference between R410a copper pipe and R22 copper pipe”

The copper tube used in Central air conditioning is for air-conditioning, heating medium transport, it is the equivalent of human blood connection. Fluorine home central air conditioning system is divided into ordinary copper pipe and R410a copper pipe. The pipe used in raditional R22 refrigerant air conditioning is ordinary copper pipe,but R410a copper pipe are always used for R410a refrigerant air conditioningsystem. Currently fluorine inverter multi-system type of home central air conditioner is most ly used with R410a refrigerant, so in the fluorine system multi-line applications, R410a copper pipe is very popular.

Since the pressure of the refrigerant R410a produced 1.6 times of that by refrigerant R22, which requires the copper pipe must be high density, strong anti-compression, clean and high uniform wall thickness, so the air conditioning system R410a refrigerant must use special  R410a copper.

Installed on the system, we can use R410a pipe to instead of ordinary R22, but must not use ordinary copper tubing to replace R410a tube. Many consumers value the overall project price, the lower price the better, ignore the importance of installation materials and installation process, which often leads to a number of engineering companies in order to rush to Nathan, despite the latter part of customers and quality problems,use bad material in order to save cost price to meet customer requirements, so that the ultimate victims are consumers themselves.

HVAC Parts >>Air Conditioner Spare Parts>> AC Copper & Brass Fittings >>R410a Copper Pipe,Air Conditioning R410a Refrigerant Copper Tube

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