PVC Duct Butterfly Damper Valve


Duct inline plastic air damper, also named Volume Control Damper for round air duct,Polypro control damper,PVC control damper,plastic PVC Butterfly Air Damper Valve,designed with blade,control knob and flange,regulated by manual/hand or by electric.It is an important accessory used in industrial plant or civil construction of ventilation, air conditioning,HVAC and air purification project. Generally used in air conditioning ducts, ventilation pipes, by adjust the angle of baffle to adjust the air flow volume in the duct.The material PVC can prevent condensation water,anti-corrosion,and with good insulation performance.You can weld or melt flange to this damper for your application

Materials:PVC plastic,Polypropylene Damper Valve,meltable and has weldability;

Size Available:to insert pipe Φ63mm,Φ75mm,Φ90mm,Φ110mm,Φ160mm,Φ200mm, Φ250mm, Φ315mm ,Φ400mm,Φ500mm﹙inner diameter﹚,all stock are available.Type: Insert Type

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features&Advantage :

√ Made of plastic PVC,can prevent condensation water.
√ Made of plastic PVC,light weight and anti-corrosion.
√ Grey color,same as PVC pipe and pipe fittings;
√ Many size models,widely fit for most of duct pipes.
√ Good insulation performance,reduce energy loss.
√ Resistant to abrasion, heat and corrosion.
√ Good sealing performance to prevent the air from leakage.
√ Separable design:main body,stop plate,screw nut and handle is separable,for you to reconstruct for some project;
√ By screwing the plastic nut,can adjust the stop plate`s loose or tight to stand at a required position or angle;
√ Meltable and weldable: can incorporate PVC pipe,PVC Tee,PVC elbow by melt way;
√ Thickness 4mm,can withstand high pressure(For DN315,thickness 5mm).
√ Easy installation and quick working.

Application :
This product is widely used in a variety of applications,mainly for PVC pipe duct ventilation project,HVAC system,duct, chimney, VAV box, air handler, or other air handling equipment,to stops or regulates the flow of air in the circular duct,from media transfer to isolation and venting, and also for water project.

Types,Dimension and Parameter:

  • DN50 ( 2″,Model Φ63,to insert OD63mm plastic pipe ),long 120mm;
  • DN65 (2.5″,Model Φ75,to insert OD75mm plastic pipe ),long 130mm;
  • DN80 (3″,Model Φ90,to insert OD90mm plastic pipe ),long 140mm;
  • DN100 (4″,Model Φ110,to insert OD110mm plastic pipe ),long 155mm;
  • DN150 (6″,Model Φ160,to insert OD160mm plastic pipe ),long 200mm;
  • DN200 (8″,Model Φ200,to insert OD200mm plastic pipe ),long 240mm;
  • DN250 (10″,Model Φ250,to insert OD250mm plastic pipe ),long 250mm;
  • DN315 (12″,Model Φ315,to insert OD315mm plastic pipe ),long 320mm;
  • DN355 (14″,Model Φ315,to insert OD355mm plastic pipe );
  • DN400 (16″,Model Φ400,to insert OD400mm plastic pipe );
  • DN500 (20″,Model Φ500,to insert OD500mm plastic pipe );
  • … …

When you are going to order these dampers,please check above measurements,especially carefully check if the Inside Diameter fit your pipe or not.


PVC Duct Butterfly Damper Valve 2 PVC Duct Butterfly Damper Valve 3 PVC Duct Butterfly Damper Valve 4

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  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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Air damper means the valve or a plate which can prevent or adjust/regulate air flow volume in the pipe or ventilation duct, chimney pipe, VAV box device, air handling machine, or other air processing equipments. This PVC damper valve is manufactured for suiting for flowing all corrosive and non-corrosive gas environments, high and low temperature service as well.

  • PVC air damper is non-toxic, health, stand high temperature;
  • Anti-rust: PVC air damper can withstand PH value in a wide range of temperatures, high concentrations in the range of 1 to 14 acid and alkali corrosion;
  • Wear-resistant, non-fouling: PVC air damper has uniform and smooth tube inner wall small,small flow resistance and no scaling;
  • Reducing vibration and noise: PVC air damper has excellent insulation properties, can significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by the flow of liquid.
  •  anti-cracking: PVC material is good elasticity,which makes pipes and fittings sectionally together with the expansion of the liquid frost without bursting.
  •  anti-condensation, less heat loss: PVC material is a poor thermal conductor, reducing condensation and reduce heat loss.
  • Easy Installation: PVC damper valve is light weight, easy to install and operate, meltable and has weldability.
  • Long service life: PVC duct damper valve systems can serve 50 years.

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  • Gregg Williams


    I would like to get 2 of your 2″ PVC duct damping valves for testing with an air flow control system we are producing. If it works then we would be looking at about 800-1000 units a year.
    We are going to automate the valve with a fast acting solenoid (110V push/pull & spring) so we can close and open the valve in 0.5 seconds.
    If there is a threaded adapter needed for the stem I would also need 2 of those. I can sen a picture but I need and email.


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