Providing a cool and comfortable working environment for employees with air conditioner

Last year, after the cooler is installed in the workshop this year to continue to improve, making the workshop more cool!
Cool and comfortable working environment, you might think, Office, air conditioning here in this environment, but I want to say today is that we the divisions pipe production plant working environment.
For our suppliers, and most importantly, production workshop, so we first need to consider the workplace and working environment. Yearly as the weather gets warm, increase in machinery and equipment in the workshop, workshop in the summer temperature is relatively high. Above all, our welding workshop, welding is inherently need to be heated, plus shutian so that workplace temperatures even higher. Consider installing air-conditioning to cool down at the plant last year, but larger in each workshop, the use of air conditioning is not very ideal, after a friend introduced, cooler cooling works well, decisive decisions in each workshop in the factory installed air cooler, cooler cooling effect is indeed good, walked into the shop, make people feel liangsisi.
Cooler also has its disadvantages, however, only one cooling fan outlet, the cooling fan does not turn, where the wind blows and it was cold, and someplace where wind blows, over time, also is feeling the heat.
Plant this year heard that cooler can be adapted on each employee, according to an outlet, the wind, and every fan to cool breezes. So as soon as the factory cooler manufacturer, invested 20,000 yuan to refit the cooler.
Such a workshop a few outlets, each employee has a cold wind blows on the head, then hot outside, walked into the shop and feel temperatures suddenly dropped a lot.

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