Portable wood fired hot tub,Enjoy hot bath in wild nature,Anywhere,Anytime

Supply portable wood fired hot tub,foldable campfire burning hot tub.Easily fits in a boot or a car.Enjoy a luxurious soak at beach, on mountainside and at sunset or at a remote campground, anywhere,anytime!Never worry for filling water.Our manual pump help to fill water very easily but high effience.

  • Designer and manufacturer: Smartclima;
  • Brand: Smartclima;
  • Place of origin: Made in China,export to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Portable wood fired hot tub”

Our goal: Enjoy hot bath anywhere,anytime with “Portable wood fired hot tub”

Features & Advantages of “Portable wood fired hot tub”:

  • [Materials & Quality] Tub body is made from waterproof PVC supporting with frame tubes,foldable and portable. Heater coil made from 100% stainless steel tube,good heat exchanging performance.
  • [Models & Sizes]  Tub diameter 150cm ;  tub height 60cm; coil heater 8 circles; Foldable table long 74cm,wide 22cm and high 60cm; The tub is for 4 adults using, or 8 kids using.
  • [Color & Weight] Dark green,see pictures;
  • [Best Features & Advantages] 1),Quick assemble,8 minutes can be ready to use;
    2),Very quick to connect between coil and tub,just put rubber hose onto tub`s fitting,that`s all;
    3),Foldable and portable,You can put it in your car or boat,take everywhere and use anyplace,at beach, on mountainside, at sunset or at a remote campground, anywhere,anytime;
    4),It can be used in very cold places,because all materials can stand extra-low temperature;
  • [Functions & Application] To let you have a romantic campfire bath outside in nature,and at the same time,can roast something while soaking.
  • [Working principle]  You just need water and wood to use this Portable wood fired hot tub. As the water is heated in the coil it begins to rise (hot water rises just like hot air).When firing woods,the temperature of water in coil heater heats up and starts to rise up (hot water rise to up are just like the hot air always rise up).

       And then the hot  water is driven into the  tub from the upper tube following the spiral of the coil. At the same time,the cold water at the bottom of tub flows into the lower tube of heating coil to be heated by burning fire again. This scientific phenomenon is known as thermosyphon.

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You can equip the foldable table into tub quickly within 10s as below (the table is pre-assembled,just clamp onto the circle pipe),enjoy working,drinking & eating when soaking!

Portable wood fired hot tub,Enjoy hot bath in nature,Anywhere,Anytime 233

Plus,you also can install the table at outside of tub as following,can put clothes,drinks,foods to eat. Table size: long 74cm wide 22cm high 60cm.

Portable wood fired hot tub,Enjoy hot bath in nature,Anywhere,Anytime 225

Another best feature of the tub kit is that you can install or uninstall it very quickly and easily. Within 10minutes at most,all will be ready to use!

Portable wood fired hot tub,Enjoy hot bath in nature,Anywhere,Anytime 261

Clear package as below (Manual pump kit is the optional part).

Multifunction: With tub,you can have a hot bath; With grill,you can do BBQ or cooking foods.With bucket,you can take water……

Portable wood fired hot tub,Enjoy hot bath in nature,Anywhere,Anytime 543

All parts of a complete “Portable wood fired hot tub” are arranged in a strong bag. Two people take it together,can take ot to anyplace easily.Now,start having a natural hot bath,anywhere,anytime!

Portable wood fired hot tub,Enjoy hot bath in nature,Anywhere,Anytime 710

A full kit of “Portable wood fired hot tub with coil heater” includes:
1 x portable tub kit (Tub is dark green,and supporting pipe is blue);
1 x stainless steel coil heater;
1 x cooking grill;
2 x extending silicon rubber tube(can stand high temperature);
1 x foldable table;
(Option: 1x manual pump kit)
All parts are arranged into a strong bag.

Optional part : Manual pump kit–Let you fill water into tub easily and happily.

Worry to fill water into your Portable wood fired hot tub when camping?Are you still using traditional way to use bucket to take water  into your tub when camping?Honestly speaking,this way is very tired and takes long time.Really a terrible job after you experience!

But now,once you have this manual pump kit,the trouble goes away forever! With our new tools as below,you can fill water easily and happily! Distance between tub and water source(10meter? 20meter?) is not a problem forever! (The default pipe we supplied is 20meters long. If you need more long,please let us know.)

(Notice: The manual pump kit is optional part when you purchase the tub kit).

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F.A.Q concerning for Portable wood fired hot tub

What time should I wait to heat water when using Portable wood burning hot tub kit with coil heater?

The heating time of the tub is affected by the temperatures of the water and the air.
It takes about 1.5 hours to heat up from 18°C (64°F) to 40°C (104°F maximum suggested temperature), or about 2 hours if the original temperature is around 13°C (55°F).

At what temperature can the tub work? it may be used in temperatures as low as 0℃?

We did a test and found that after two-three hours, the water temperature had risen to 40 °C. We have not yet got an opportunity to put it in freezing weather.
The beginning water temperature appears to have a greater impact on the heating time than the air temperature.Our guess is that it will take around 3 hours to heat up a tub filled with water 5℃ and air temperature -10 ℃.

Stop adding wood to the fire or switch off the switch when the water temperature arrives at 40°C and let the burning coals keep the temperature. With the help of the remaining hot coals, you should be able to stay in the 38°C–40°C range for at least one hour. Temperatures between 35 °C and 40 °C are ideal for me, and it’s simple to maintain this range with minimum monitoring.

All of the materials still work well at 20°C. Temperatures as low as-50 °C can be tolerated by camlock fittings and stainless steel coil.
The tub’s vinyl tarpaulin material can endure temperatures as low as -30 °C before it becomes brittle and breaks down.

What is the best way to put water to the Portable wood fired hot tub?

There are several ways to fill the tub. Using a tap and a yard hose is the simplest method when there is a tap in the place.

Using a water bucket to fill them, which takes around 30 minutes for three individuals.

Filling is made much simpler with the help of our “Manual pump kit”(See our introduction as above article). With the help of this kit,even,a child also can operate it easily,takes about 15 minutes to fill full tub.

Could it flow salty water/marine water?

Yes, our heater coil is made from special grade of stainless steel which is resistant to salty water or marine water.And also,we suggest you to add some salt into the water for soak bathing,which is healthy for your body and skin.

What is the best way to manage the water’s heat in a Portable wood fired hot tub?

To maintain the proper temperature, stop adding wood pieces to the fire after it reaches your desired level of heat.
There is plenty of time to respond if the water temperature begins to rise too quickly. We also install a stop valve for the tub. Once the temperature reaches your desired temperature, you can switch off the valve. The flow of water will stop immediately, thus stopping the temperature in the tub from rising.

How many persons can sit in?

We’ve had up to 6 adults in the tub, but we suggest utilizing it with 4 people or 8 children.

What is the water’s flow mechanism?

Electricity or gas isn’t required to run our baths. As the coil of burning wood pieces heats the water, an increase in temperature is seen (hot water rises just like hot air).
The water returns to the tub through the coil’s spiral as it ascends. The coil’s bottom entrance draws in cold water from the tub, kicking off a constant stream.
It uses thermosyphon, a scientific phenomenon, to circulate water without the need for a pump.

How to purchase “Portable wood fired hot tub”

  • The Portable wood fired hot tub is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with container delivery;
  • If  you want to buy coil heater only, just click here;
  • Please contact us by Online inquiry (click here)
  • Or contact us to email:

General knowledge for “Portable wood fired hot tub”

Nothing beats a hot, relaxing soak in the hot tub after a long travel when camping. Now, you can enjoy a luxurious, spa-like experience with a portable wood fired hot tub,anywhere,anytime! Not only is it easy to install, but it’s also a stylish and eco-friendly way to enjoy the warm waters of a hot tub in your own backyard or in far nature.

## Soak in Style: It’s Hot Tub Time!
Imagine the ultimate relaxation experience: steaming hot water with the calming scent of wood, a comfortable feeling in your own backyard,in wild nature,in forest or even on the beach. That’s exactly what you can get after own a portable wood fired hot tub. They’re so eay to take,incredibly easy to install and maintain.

These hot tubs is powered with wood pieces or blocks which are so easy to get in wild,it is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option. Plus, you can easily adjust the temperature to get just the right warmth. And when you’re done, you can simply drain the tub and store it away until your next soak.

## Enjoy a Relaxing Dip with a Portable Wood Fired Hot Tub!
When you have a portable wood-fired hot tub, you can enjoy a spa-like experience at outdoor enviroment, same feeling as in your own home. You can add essential oils to the water for an even more luxurious experience, or even invite your friends over for a group soak. Also,you can enjoy B.B.Q when bathing.Plus, you can choose to add a few accessories to make your hot tub even more enjoyable, like LED lights and speakers for a fun atmosphere,even you can watch movie in IPAD or Iphone..

No matter how you choose to enjoy your hot tub, you’ll be sure to have a relaxing time. And with the easy taking,easy installation,easy filling water,and easy maintenance, you can soak in style all year round,at anyplace!

So,start to invite a few friends, take this portable wood fired hot tub for a luxurious and enjoyable soak. Grab your bathing suit and get ready to enjoy the warm waters in nature!

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  • Michael

    This wood fired hot tub has the function of portable kitchen when having camping.Not only I can soak for a hot bath in wild,and also can enjoy B.B.Q life.Am I right?

    • Smartclima


      Ha.Yes. Enjoy eating and drinking in your backyad,in wild nature while soaking for a hot bath.It is a romantic and exciting holidays,right? 🙂
      If you need it,contact us by email.

  • Jim Coleman


    Please give cost estimate for portable hot tub and coil sent to the U.S.
    1 unit
    10 units
    20 units

    Jim C

  • Dan Urion

    Hello, I’m curious about pricing, the foldable kits and/or just the heat exchanger with fittings

  • Isaac

    I love this tub ,and want to use it in my travel at weekend.Could you take one to me to Canada?

  • Juanita Mariee

    Love the tub. Can you post to New Zealand.

  • Byron Keirnan

    I’m interested in 2-3 of the heat exchange coils.
    What is the best way for me to order?
    I’m located in Washington State.

    Thank you for replying in advance.

  • Chris Lawrence

    What is the price for this coil + tub kit?


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