Plate heat exchanger advantages

Plate heat exchangers are the rational use and conservation of energy, the key to the development of new energy equipment, a wide range of applications. At present, in many application areas, gradually replaced the plate heat exchanger shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Play to the unique advantages of plate heat exchanger.
1 in paper-making, food, alcohol evaporating concentration process, because the process side of contain fiber, grain, or highly viscous media, therefore requiring high channel flow of sectional. Can only be used in the past shell-and-tube heat exchanger, but frequent cleaning and difficult to clean after the jam faults, prompting industry to develop new heat exchangers. At present plate heat exchangers are widely used in the process, black liquor concentration device has become the stereotypical products.
heat pump evaporators and condensers. Heat pumps are widely used in air conditioning systems and heat recovery system plate heat exchanger system critical installations, the application of heat pump is proposed as follows: light weight, small size (assembled), good pressure resistance, low temperature and high sealing performance, and so on. Past shell-and-tube heat exchangers are hard to satisfy these requirements. QH brazed plate heat exchangers can not only save space heat pump, also reduce the cost of refrigerants and refrigerant leakage, so used it in large quantities in the heat pump unit as evaporator and condenser. In addition to using them as energy-saving and oil cooler. Also used it as a solution in absorption chillers heat exchangers.
3 in the sulfuric acid, soda industry, oil refining industrial cooling process, shell-and-tube heat exchanger plate heat exchanger has been replaced.
4 refinery catalytic reforming units, gas-fired thermoelectric cooling of heat recovery equipment used in the plate-shell heat exchangers, welded plate air preheater and all-welded plate type, such as energy, have largely replaced the shell-and-tube heat exchangers.
&Nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp heat coefficient high: due to Board tablets group in the flow of media in lower Renault number (Re) Shi, on can formed turbulence, and smooth of Board tablets Shang easily generated dirt, so has very high of Biography efficiency, in General of water and water hot Exchange in the, plate heat exchanger of heat coefficient can reached 6000W/m2 ℃ above, than tube shell type heat exchanger to high 3-8 times.
Heat recovery: due to the high heat transfer coefficient and flow characteristic is excellent with full reverse flow, temperature can be chosen very late, so it is very suitable for low level heat recovery using single plate heat exchanger up to 90% heat recovery efficiency is economically viable.
Flexibility: can be folded-plate heat exchanger has no theory than adaptability. After the installation, the metal plate you can increase or decrease through expanding the process of narrowing set of requirements.
Low traffic with delay: due to its smaller runner delay flow is very small, it can speed up moving, responsive control operation is changed, and thus greatly reducing the weight of equipment.
Easy maintenance: the design so that it is no dead areas of the plate, so on site chemical cleaning without disassembly, gasketed plate heat exchanger &nbsp can easily open a thorough mechanical cleaning.
Common industrial plate heat exchangers applications
Chemical industry: various inorganic acids, alkalis, salts of heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation, a variety of heating, cooling and condensation of organic solvents.
The oil industry: a variety of heating and cooling of the oil.
Metallurgical industry: a variety of water cooling, oil cooler and heat recovery, cooling, dilute acid electrolytic aluminum liquid cooling and heating.
Food and beverage industry: a variety of foods, beverages, juices, beer, such as process heating, cooling, sterilization, evaporation, crystallization.
Central cooling system: Turbo oil cooler, bearings, pumps, auxiliary equipment, coolers, water desalination.

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