Plastic Waterproof junction box

Features of Plastic Waterproof junction box:

★ It is designed and manufactured on the base of national standard, use advanced technology to develop in a wide range of sizes.It is economical and affordable;
★ use of high strength plastic ABS, PC, refractories and UV added material, elegant appearance, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor performance spaces with good proof, flame retardant VO; Some also applies to heat and splashing sparks jobs;
★ has high solidity, a semi-permanent life, where the thinnest wall thickness o is not less than 3mm, the impact strength is IK07;
★ Weights only about iron BOX  NW 1/4, easy handling and operation, non-corrosive, good insulation;
★ With 4pcs plastic screws to fix box body and cover; optional plastic hanging feet, can be directly fixed to the wall through the mounting holes in the lower part of the cartridge;
★ product contains EMI radiation, anti-static material, in order to seek the protection of the collection, protection of electrical and electronic equipment;
★ Use HI-BOX technology, simplifying the installation process  of double plate. Strict quality checking to ensure a good waterproof, dustproof effect;
★ environmental protection, fire-retardant materials certification;It is equiped with a rubber sealing around the cover,the Waterproof effect reachs IP66;
★ Size: small to large(see below), the model is in wide range;
★ operating performance are excellent, the price is competitive.
★ Allows you to custom inlet&outlet ports .waterproof box can be freely opened inlet&outlet holes according to customer requirements(openings location and opening size can be processed according to customer specific requirements.) After opening, the Waterproof Cable Glands Connectors can be fitted.

Smartclima is professional to provide the following types :

Plastic Waterproof junction box-F series



Number Dimension(mm) Plastic Waterproof junction box
F series
1 200x120x75 FD-F1
2 200x120x113 FD-F1-1 high cover
3 200x120x56 FD-F1-3 low cover
4 158x90x60 FD-F2
5 158x90x40 FD-F2-3 low cover
6 115x90x55 FD-F3
7 100x68x50 FD-F4
8 160x160x90 FD-F5
9 263x182x95 FD-F6
10 263x182x60 FD-F6 low cover
11 263x182x125 FD-F6 high cover
12 158x90x46 FD-F7
13 158x90x60 FD-F7-1 high cover
14 150x85x35 FD-F8
15 280x195x135 FD-F9
16 280x195x86 FD-F9-3 low cover
17 320x240x110 FD-F10
18 320x240x140 FD-F10 high cover
19 320x240x155 FD-F10 high cover
20 380x260x105 FD-F11
21 380x260x120 FD-F11 middle cover
22 380x260x140 FD-F11 high cover
23 162x81x65 FD-F13
24 120x120x90 FD-F14
25 230x150x85 FD-F15
26 230x150x87 FD-F15 flat cover
27 160x45x55 FD-F16
28 83x58x33 FD-F19-1 no fixing hole
29 63x58x35 FD-F20
30 240x160x90 FD-F21
31 240x160x120 FD-F21 high cover
32 160x110x90 FD-F22
33 192x188x100 FD-F24
34 83x81x56 FD-F25
35 300x280x140 FD-F50

Plastic Waterproof junction box-AG series

Waterproof-junction-box-AG Waterproof-junction-box-AG2


Number Dimension(mm) Plastic Waterproof junction box
AG series
1 50x65x55 FD-AG-0506
2 65x95x55 FD-AG-0609
3 80x110x45 FD-AG-0811-S
4 80x110x70 FD-AG-0811
5 80x110x85 FD-AG-0811-1
6 100x100x75 FD-AG-1010
7 80x130x70 FD-AG-0813
8 80x130x85 FD-AG-0813-1
9 80x160x55 FD-AG-0816-S
10 80x180x70 FD-AG-0818
11 80x250x70 FD-AG-0825
12 80x250x85 FD-AG-0825-1
13 125x125x75 FD-AG-1212-S
14 125x125x100 FD-AG-1212
15 125x175x95 FD-AG-1217
16 140x170x95 FD-AG-1417
17 175x175x100 FD-AG-1717-1
18 150x200x100 FD-AG-1520
19 150x200x130 FD-AG-1520-1
20 150x250x100 FD-AG-1525
21 150x250x130 FD-AG-1525-1
22 200x200x95 FD-AG-2020-S
23 200x200x130 FD-AG-2020
24 280x190x130 FD-AG-2819

Plastic Waterproof junction box-With fixing holes

Waterproof-junction-box-FD1 Waterproof-junction-box-FD

This junction box is  same quality as above series box,just only have fixing holes for you to fix it onto the wall easily.You can open inlet&outlet easily and freely, install Waterproof Cable Glands Connectors for it.

Number Dimension(mm) Plastic Waterproof junction box-
With fixing holes
1 200x120x75 FD-F1-2 with fixing holes
2 200x120x67 FD-F1-6  with fixing holes
3 158x90x64 FD-F2-2 with fixing holes
4 115x90x55 FD-F3-2 with fixing holes
5 115x130x60 FD-F3-3 with fixing holes
6 100x68x50 FD-F4-2 with fixing holes
7 160x160x90 FD-F5-2 with fixing holes
8 230x150x87 FD-F15-2 with fixing holes
9 83x58x33 FD-F19 with fixing holes
10 63x58x35 FD-F20-2 with fixing holes
11 192x188x70 FD-F24-2 with fixing holes

Plastic Waterproof junction box-With entry hole

box-with-entry-hole-1 box-with-entry-hole-2

box-with-entry-hole 3box-with-entry-hole-4

This junction box is also waterproof,has the same quality as above series box.But this box itself has entry holes and outlet holes.You can also install Waterproof Cable Glands Connectors for it.

Number Model and Dimension Unit G.W(KG) N.W(KG) Qty(pcs) Packing Size(cm)
1 BA 50×50(round) unit 13.5 12.3 300 46x38x51
2 BA 80×50(round) unit 14.7 13.4 240 53x35x63
3 BA 85x85x50 unit 17.2 16 200 53.5*41*54
4 BA 100x100x70 unit 14.9 13.5 100 61x49x35
5 BA 150x110x70 unit 15.1 13.8 60 67x33x47
6 BA 150x150x70 unit 16.3 15 60 84.5x34x45
7 BA 200x100x70 unit 16.6 15.3 60 61x46x42
8 BA 200x155x80 unit 14.5 13.2 40 69×44.5×41
9 BA 200x200x80 unit 18 16.6 40 90x46x40.5
10 BA 255x200x80 unit 21.9 20.1 40 55x45x78.5
11 BA 300x250x120 unit 20.3 18.4 20 65x53x62
12 BA 400x350x120 unit 15 13.3 10 73×41.5×62

Plastic Waterproof junction box-With lock

box-with-lock1 box-with-lock2 box-with-lock-3 box-with-lock 4

Model Dimension(mm) Plastic Waterproof junction box-
With lock
1 300x200x160 FD-AG-302016
2 400x300x160 FD-AG-403016
3 500x400x195 FD-AG-504019
4 600x500x195 FD-AG-605019
1 300x200x160 FD-AT-302016
2 400x300x160 FD-AT-403016
3 500x400x195 FD-AT-504019
4 600x500x195 FD-AT-605019


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