Plastic water flow switch resistant to liquid corrosion

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Supply Plastic water flow switch resistant to liquid corrosion,exported by China manufacturer.

  • Installation method: Vertical installation
  • Material: nylon, PTFE
  • Working voltage: DC: 6-100  AC: 9-250 (V)
  • Protection level: IP68
  • Overload current: 0.5(A)
  • Product certification: CE
  • Life times: 10^7
  • Applicable:Water, oil, other liquids
  • Installation method:Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Models and Details for “Plastic water flow switch resistant to liquid corrosion”

Plastic flow switch

  • Characteristics:

1.The starting value of the liquid flow switch contact is from 1.5L/Min to 3L/Min.

1 inch flow switch start value: 2L/MIN—10L/MIN

2.It can be used in tap water or oil, without a filter, and has a certain check valve function.

3.No vulnerable, fatigue parts, high-power and long-life switches are used, and the product has stable performance and long life.

4.All nylon structure, resistant to various liquid corrosion.

  • Working principle:

This flow switch adopts a structure with a small inlet product and a large outlet product. The liquid flows from around the float. The float has a large weight and can sink quickly in a static liquid.This series of flow switches is suitable for areas where the starting flow point is small and the flow rate is fast. In order to ensure that the liquid does not flow back when the function is converted, this flow switch has a check valve function, which can prevent most of the liquid from returning. Backflow.

  • Technical parameters:

Working voltage (V:v): DC: 6~100V AC: 9~250V

Working current (Imax: A): 0.5

Rated power (Pmax:W): 70, 100

Applicable: water, oil, other liquids

Working temperature (T:℃): T1: -40℃~105℃

Standard flow starting point (F:L/Min): 2.0

Factory test accuracy (F:L/Min): ±0.2

Inlet and outlet inner diameter (Φ:mm): 10-15

Material: Nylon, PTFE

  • There are 6 sizes as below:

1/2″ double male thread,Number 2, code : FS-2P-2-4N;

Number 2 plastic flow switch

3/4″ male and female thread, Number 3, code: FS-2P-3-6N;

0.75 inch male and female thread, Number 3, code FS-2P-3-6N

1″ double male thread,Number 5, code: FS-3P-5-8N;

1 inch double male thread,Number 5, code FS-3P-5-8N

1″ double male thread,Number 8, code: FS-5P-8-8N;

1 inch double male thread,Number 8, code FS-5P-8-8N

1/2″ double male thread,Number 0.8, code: FS-1P-0.8-4N;

0.5inch double male thread,Number 0.8, code FS-1P-0.8-4N

1/2″ double male thread,Number 1, code: FS-1P-1-4N;

0.5 inch double male thread,Number 1, code FS-1P-1-4N

structure of plastic flow switch

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  • The switches are available for retail and wholesale;
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  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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