Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM plastic products,Fabricate plastic products

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Service&Custom: Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM plastic products, Fabricate plastic products

Plastic injection is a method to custom plastic products.It utilize pressure to inject the molten plastic into the mold, and then cools it and finally forms into the desired variety of plastic parts. There are specially used for the injection molding machine. The advantages of injection molding method is the production speed, high efficiency, operation can be automated, color varieties, shapes can be from simple to complex, size can be big to small, and high product size precision, easy replacement product, it can manufacture a complex shape parts.Injection molding is suitable for mass production and field forming complex shapes products. The most commonly used plastic are PE ,PP, PS, ABS, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PMMA.

The material to be customed:  PE ,PP, PS, ABS, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PMMA.

Place of origin: China , Service to worldwide.

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Experienced plastic items

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What we can do for you?
*We can help you to develop mold for plastic products in short time;
*We can do trial sample plastic as you requested;
*We can help you to produce plastic products in bulk;
*If you like,we can delivery mold to you by sea or bt air;

Feature of our plastic injection mold:
*Low cost to develop;
*Short time to develop;
*Pad Printing, Ultrasonic Welding;
*The mold with Long service life;
*Trouble-Free Mold Modifications;
*Can produce smooth plastic product with our mold;
*Assembly, Silk Screening;
*If you like,we can delivery mold to you by sea or bt air;
*We can maintenace your mold in good state if it is kept by us;
*Authority.The mold is only for you.We wouldn`t produce plastic items with this mold;
*If it is your design,copy will be prohibit;

How should start if we want Smartclima to help you make mold?
 Send us the sample or technology drawing,we`ll make quotation on mold and product unit price,then start the project.

Facility for Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM plastic products,Fabricate plastic products

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on “Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM plastic products,Fabricate plastic products”
  1. Brief Introduction:

01、What kind of mold do you make? Plastic injection molding mold, die casting mould or else?
Our products are mostly plastic injection molds&products,  We also process some die-casting molds.
02、How many molds do you make annually?
Averagely, we make about  200-300 sets molds per year.
03、Do you have plastic injection machines for mold trial?
Yes, we have 10 machines for mold testing

04、How long is the lead-time for a mold?
It is hard to say. It all depends on the mold’s size,complexity and design. Normally, the lead-time is about  25- 50 days

  1. Facilities and Technology

01、How do you maintain your advanced machines?
We appoint some experienced and skilled staff to maintain these machines.
02、Have the operators been trained specially?
Yes, they have.
03、How often do you inspect you machinery and tools?
For huge and complex instruments, we check their precision and function every 3 months. For small ones, 2 months.

04、What kind of steel do you use to make mold?
We can use all types of steel appointed by customer. Usually we use Swedish ASSAB, German,EDEL,Japanese DAIDO and Chinese LKM ,etc.

05、Where do you buy the steel and mold base?
Usually we buy the steel from LKM Company and Ming-lee Company .
06、What kind of hot-runner do you use?
Usually we use Mold-master, Incoe, Yudo, Hasco and D.M.E
07、How do you make the texture/ text /heat-treatment / nitriding and so on?
We have the cooperative subsidiary factories to do that. They are more professional.
08、How do you monitor the process?
Our Project Dept. appoints project engineer to handle every project progress .
09、 Which precision grades can you reach?
For the mold, we can assure the precision to 0.005mm; for the parts, to 0.02mm.
10、Do you have any problem communicating in English?

No problem at all. Our International sales could communicate well in English.
11、Which standards do you use, Metric or Inch ?
Both of them are OK. We can use the standards requested by customer.
12、Which process do you think is the most important in mold making?
We think every process is important.
13、Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?
Yes, we can. The steel supplier and heat-treatment factory can provide the certificates.
14、Do you use carbon or copper to be electrode?
We always use copper. If necessary , we may use carbon electrode

  1. Human Resource and Working Environment

01、Where did you employ your staff?
We seek qualified, experienced and high-educated employees from talent market or college.
02、Have your employees been trained?
Yes, they have. We provide internal training for every new comer from the very beginning.
03、Where do your employees live?
We have a living building in our factory for our employees.
04、How many percent of the talent flow in your company each year?
The percentage is quite small, only about 2-3%. We think the stability of workforce can maintain a good productivity.

05、How often do you raise employees salary?
We reconsider the salary twice per year.

  1.  Shipment and Package

01、Do you have rich experience in various of trade terms ?
Yes, EX work, FOB , or CIF We all can handle and arrange all shipment issue for our clients if requested

02、How do you pack the mold?
Wooden protected package method

  1. After Sales Service

01、How do you ensur no quality problem after mold shipped to clients ?

We will suggest clients have some small production trial in our injection factor . To find all quality problems and improve them before shipment ; Additionally we also will prepare related mold changeable accessories, all coopper drawings  for client’s future mass production , And we will suggest our clients how to maintain the mold during their future production

02、Who pay the cost of modification?
The small changes and necessary modification for good samples are free. But for the crucial changes requested by customer, we will get the reasonable modification cost.

03、Do you make spare part for customer?

Yes, we do. If the customer requests when quoting.

General knowledge on “Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM plastic products,Fabricate plastic products”

Analyze and solve to the problem of plastic products

Common problems are mainly injection shrinkage, shrinking, do not eat mold, burrs, weld lines, silver, spray marks, charred, warping, cracking / rupture, size tolerance and other common injection problems:
● around the lack of plastic injection molded parts, because unsaturated mode analysis and Solutions
● batch front (burr) Causes and Solutions
● injection surface shrink, shrinkage (vacuum bubble) Causes and Solutions
● crazing (material flowers, spray), burning, gas lines Cause Analysis Solutions
● injection of surface water ripples, rhyolite (flow mark) Causes and Solutions
● injection surface folder waterlines (weld lines), spray pattern (serpentine) Causes and Solutions
● injection surface cracks (crack), the top White (top explosion) Causes and Solutions
● injection surface color, luster bad, because blending, black stripes, black spots Analysis and Solutions
● injection warpage, stress cracking Causes and Solutions
● Cause injection size deviation analysis and Solutions
● injection molding stick, drag flowers (strain), drag the white Causes and Solutions
● injection of transparency, insufficient strength (brittle fracture) Causes and Solutions
● injection material surface cold spots from the skin (stratified) Causes and Solutions
● Cause Adverse injection molding metal inserts Analysis and Solutions
● nozzle salivation (runny nose), drooling, drawing outlet nozzle clogging, mold problems Cause Analysis and improvement measures
● use CAE mold flow analysis techniques to quickly issue an effective solution to the injection site

Performance evaluation of the pros and cons of plastic products mainly in three aspects:
First, the appearance of quality, including integrity, color, luster;
Second, the accuracy of the dimensions and relative positions between, i.e., dimensional accuracy and position accuracy;
Third, the use of appropriate mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, namely functional
Thus, if due to any of these three aspects in one aspect of the problem, it will result in defective products and extended.
Injection molding products common defect classification
Appearance defects: crazing discoloration, weld lines
Process issues: flash, shrink, lack of plastic
Performance issues: warping, embrittlement


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    I need to make 5000pcs lastic tray with injection moulding, and this tray

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