Pipeline Gas Timing Valve Universal Timing Switch Valve Smart Timing Automatically Close and Shut off Gas


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The 4th generation general-purpose gas timing valve has an adapter for connecting a hose on the top, and a fixing hole on the back. The hose can be connected up and down. It is suitable for gas tanks and is connected in series between the pressure reducing valve and the stove. It is also suitable for occasions where piped gas is not easy to [directly] connect, and it is connected in series between the front valve of the original stove and the stove. Fix it in a position suitable for operation. The red button at the bottom left is [Close immediately], tap it to close immediately! The red button on the right is the valve handle, press it to vent immediately after timing! 

  When installed directly without joints, the rotating radius is 47mm, purely mechanical structure. It is a product of gas tanks, pipeline gas users, and old-fashioned valves. National patent, with inspection report. Reasonable structure and reliable use!

    Frequent leaks endanger people’s lives. Due to inability to solve, authorities can only alert the user to the file with gas, reluctantly, invariably say: When using the gas and go , traffic will switch off the stove valve! 

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    [The valve in front of the stove], if it is used for a long time, it will be opened for as long as it is. If it will be closed in time after each gas is used, that is ideal, rest assured!
     Designed according to this need, the mechanical [close the valve in front of the stove regularly] is just right to meet this ideal need. Tolerate mistakes and take precautions before they happen! Digest and cut off large and small accidents before they happen!

     The service life of the product is about 10,000 hours (3 hours a day, and can be used for more than
4-10 years.) With supporting and perfect gas terminal facilities, the use of gas is more convenient, reliable and safe! Every time the user fires and cooks, the time is in the plan, and the use of gas is in the safety insurance. Be prepared to prevent gas leakage effectively. Make cooking easy and enjoyable, foolproof, everything is under control and anticipation!

 Features are:
1. Simple operation: just rotate the timer-timing, press the handle to activate. And there is a [Close immediately] button, lightly press to close immediately.
, a flexible time setting: upon request time off. It can also be set in the approximate range: if the time is not enough, the fire can be increased without cease. The timing is too long. After turning off the stove switch, the “timing off” will automatically be turned off.
, the use of safety: each use in safety insurance. Unscheduled, it will not be opened (the opening will be automatically closed, so it is safe); it must be opened with two procedures, and double insurance confirms that it is opened consciously . Avoid misoperation! !
4. No electricity: not affected by power outages. There will be no electric sparks and accidents.
 5 , low cost, easy to install, practical and reliable, suitable for popularization.
 6. Even if the timing part and mechanism are broken, it will not delay cooking. The durable all-copper national standard valve can still be manually lifted-closed, pressed-opened, and used as an ordinary switch. No other valves of the same kind can do it! !

   There are many buildings in cities all over the country. The West-East Gas Pipeline, the large amount of pipeline gas, the widespread use of large areas, and the imperfect gas terminal use system in the past, often have gas accidents that endanger the safety of the city. A gas leakage accident in a family can cause innocent misfortune to the residents of Bafang! Even the entire building column collapsed! It can be seen on the Internet that such accidents frequently occur everywhere, which is shocking! !

    Install [Timed Off], disasters can be avoided!  

   Close the valve in front of the stove regularly to make the user safe and convenient.

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