PEX Pipes


PEX Pipes Series can be divided to be PEX Pipes,PE-RT Pipes,PEX-EVOH pipe and PE-RT EVOH pipe,and Anti-UV PEX pipes. For more models and details,please check below information.

PEX Pipes

PEX Pipes

The PEX pipe delivers many advantages including non-scaling, non-pollution, non- toxic and non- smell in home heating and most housing applications. With high resistance to aging, heat and pressure, elastic memory function, good thermal insulation and anti-freezing features, the pipe is safer and more efficient.

Application of PEX Pipe

As a key type of Building Material, it is widely used in the following fields:

–Polygon PEX under-floor heating system

–Polygon PEX Plumbing system


1. Easy installation and sufficient accessories

The PEX pipe acquires easy installation and sufficient accessories due to the flexibility, less but special pipe fittings. Even without tap threading, die threading or welding, it can be matched with the standard pipe fitting.

2. Advanced technology and imported materials

With advanced equipment from NOKIA-MAILLEFER and international patent USP4117195, one-step Monosil PEX producing technology, we used imported materials which are compliant to the GB/T18992.2 standard to ensure the high performance of the pipe. Steam-pressure cross-linking technology is used to reduce the longitudinal shrinkage.

3. Satisfying customers’ requests

According to the customers’ requests, we offer oxygen-leaking resistant layer and anti-UV composite PE-Xb pipe. We also promise fast production of 20m/min (DN 20mm pipe), quick delivery and production with customized size.

Specifications I

DNOutside Diameter ,mmMean outside diameter, mmPipe series, mm

Specifications II

ASTM standard PEX tubing ASTM F876/F877/CTS-OD SDR9
Nominal tubing size inchDimensionOperating pressure (PN, Mpa) and
Outer diameter, inchWall thickness, inchMaximum working temperature ( Tmax,℃)
3/80.5+-0.0030.070+0.010(1) PN=0.69Mpa(100psi), Tmax=82℃(180F) (2) PN=10.Mpa(145psi), Tmax=23℃(73F)
3/40.875+ 0.0040.097+0.010


PE-RT Pipes

PE-RT Pipes

The PE-RT pipe inherit the good flexibility, heat conductivity, chemical inertness from PE material. Meanwhile the design of special molecule and synthesis production enable it to be higher resistant to heat and pressure under the high temperature condition. It is suitable for home heating and most housing applications.


1. Good quality and performance

The PE-RT pipe adopts LG SP980 and SK DX800 to ensure the high quality and high performance. We have drafted the PE-RT national standard and received the secondary A-class construction qualification of the Radiation Heating and Cooling Committee (RHCC) of China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA). POLYGON is the recommended brand by the RHCC of CCMSA.

2. High durability and security

The pipe features good homogeneity, high stability, creep resistance, allowing it to be durable in the heating and hot water supply systems for over 50 years. The cold cracking temperature as low as -70℃ enables it to be constructed in low temperature. The resistance to external force impact is much higher than other pipes.

3. Easy performance and maintenance

It is easy to be bent and convenient to construct with. Small radius Rmin=5D can be reached without bouncing. It can be constructed without pre-heating when at low temperature. This advantage benefits the construction and reduces the cost. If damaged by external force, the pipe can be maintained by hot melting technology, which is safe, convenient and fast. With low construction cost and low maintenance cost, it is really cost-effective.


DN, Nominal Outer diameterAverage Outer diameterPipe series
Nominal wall thickness


The PE-RT II pipe, the upgrading product of PE-RT pipe, adopts the DOWLEX2388 material produced by American Dow Chemical Corporate. It is the optimal choice for high-end housing heating due to its higher resistance to temperature, static fluid press, stress cracking as well as the good heat-conductivity and flexibility.


1. Imported raw material

The raw material of PE-RT II pipe is imported with original packaging from American without any intermediate circulation.

2. Flexible connection

The pipe can be connected using low-cost injection-molding assembling parts by hot-melting connecting. The connection is safe and reliable.

3. Authoritative certification

It has passed the test of authoritative organization both at home and abroad. The performances are much higher than international standard.

Polygon PE-RT II pipe is made of Dowlex 2388 raw material.

Comparing with other PE-RT raw mateirals, Dowlex 2388 own many special advantages

1. DOWLEX™ 2388 PE Resin is a type II PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) resin offering excellent strength.

2. By Now, no other polyethylene resin has been proven to perform like DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin in hot water pipes without being cross-linked. It is an ethylene-octene copolymer, produced by our proprietary Solution process and featuring a unique molecular structure with a controlled side chain distribution.

3. DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin provides improved hydrostatic strength and processability over existing materials in a variety of heating/cooling System and hot and cold drinking water supply networks. Pipes produced from the resin also offer excellent stress crack resistance, thermal conductivity, and good flexibility.

4. The excellent processability of DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin is a key benefit of the product, especially for the fastest growing market segment, composite pipes.

5. DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin offers two installation benefits: improved connectivity and greater flexibility than traditional materials. It can be welded, which enables connection through inexpensive, injection-molded connectors.


Polygon PE-RT II Pipe can be used for Hot and Cold Water System, e.g.:

1. Hot/cold drinking water distributions

2. Radiator connections

3. Heating/cooling applications

Polygon PE-RT II Pipe properties

Polygon PE-RT II Pipe Resistance to Internal PressureIndustry RequirementsISO22391 Requirements
Testing ConditionsResultTesting ConditionsResultTesting ConditionsResult
20℃, 12.0MPA11.85H No Leakage, No Burst20℃, 11.4MPA1H No Leakage, No Burst20℃, 10.8MPA1H No Leakage, No Burst
95℃, 4.5MPA>1000H No Leakage, No Burst95℃, 4.4MPA22H No Leakage, No Burst95℃, 3.9MPA22H No Leakage, No Burst
95℃, 4.3MPA>1000H No Leakage, No Burst95℃, 4.2MPA165H No Leakage, No Burst95℃, 3.7MPA165H No Leakage, No Burst
95℃, 4.0MPA>1000H No Leakage, No Burst95℃, 4.0MPA1000H No Leakage, No Burst95℃, 3.6MPA1000H No Leakage, No Burst


PEX-EVOH pipe and PE-RT EVOH pipe


The PEX-EVOH pipe and PE-RT EVOH pipe are designed with resistance to light and oxygen to inhibit the microorganism and prevent the metals in the heating system from corrosion and rusting. This advantage greatly prolongs the lifetime of metal parts, such as the valve, switch, boiler, etc, and ensures the wide application in high-end housing. It is used in ground heating system, drinking water piping systems and other applications.


1. Equipment and material

Our PEX and PE-RT EVOH pipe adopts the imported EVOH material, equipment and patented mould of Swiss Nokia-Maillefer. The material is resistant to oxygen.

2. Certified quality

It has passed the oxygen-resisting test of authoritative organization. The patented technology ensures the uniform thickness of each layer.

3. Easy construction

Thanks to the good flexibility, large curving radius, high fluid-mechanical performance, it is convenient to construct with.

Specifications I

PE-RT Pipe (Dowlex 2388)
with EVOH

Specifications II

NameStandardDimensionOuter dimension
Wall thickness
Packing Specification (m/coil)
PEXb EVOH PipeISO 15875,
PEXb EVOH PipeISO 15875,

Specifications III

NameSpecificationOutside dimension
Wall thickness
PEX oxygen
barrier (EVOH)tubing
ASTM F876/F877


Anti-UV PEX pipes

Anti-UV PEX pipe

Description of Anti-UV PEX pipe

Polygon Brand Anti-UV Silane crosslinked polyethylene (Pex-Anti UV) pipe is a newly developed products specially for outdoors’ field. Nokia Mailefer Extruder, one-step MONOSIL silane crosslinking PE technology, imported carbon black material is adopted to ensure everything in high quality.

Parameter of Anti-UV PEX pipe

1. Dimension: OD 16-63MM

2. Producing standards: Australian Standard AS2492:2007

3. Pressure: PN5 CLASS 500

4. Coloue: Carbon Black

5. Packed in Coil

Advantage of Anti-UV PEX pipe

Besides the advantages of pex pipe (Green products, safe Connection, ,No leakage, Corrosion resistance; Long service life, Easy installation.), Polygon Anti-UV pipe have their such special Superiority:

Anti-Aging: Internal Carbon Black Layer can Anti ultraviolet rays from the sunshine, to last long the service life of pex pipe while installing outdoors. Usually, it serves as long as 25 years if installed outdoors and 50 years installed indoors.

Applications of Anti-UV PEX pipe

Because of its Anti-UV abilities, this new kind of pex pipe is very suitable for being installed outdoors and can be applied for many fields, such as Solar facilities System ,Drink water System, Hot and Cold water System ,Central air-conditioning System ,Agriculture and irrigation System, Rain water and swimming pool pipe network System and so on.

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