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Opening valve

Opening valve, refrigeration valve

My company at competitive prices, quality services of long term and excessive supply valve opening. On the valve opening is dedicated to a number of gas cylinders, with the medium wetted parts are made of stainless steel.
Open the cylinder valve features:
1, open the bottle valve control sensitivity high, safe, reliable, easy to debug, and long service life.
2, valve opening pressure drop and flow can be adjusted accurately, capable of rational allocation of traffic,
3, stable and reliable control of valve opening pressure
Open the bottle valve parameters:
1. open the bottle valve thread for imports: ZW27.8;ZW19.2.
2. open cylinder valve outlet thread can be optional accessories: G5/8;G3/4;G1/2;M20*1.5;M22*1.5;
3. open cylinder valve suitable temperature:-20℃ to +170℃.

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