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Item: Oil mist eliminator for kitchen grease duct

Short Description: Oil mist eliminator for kitchen grease duct,Oil Mist Collector For Commerical kitchen field.It use electronic technology, can effectively clean cooking kitchen oil foggy.They are designed especially for grease duct to help to reduce the oil content in the air.

Main Features and Advantages: One-time investment,Life-time with 0 cost for maintenance;
Washable,no need to replace filters;High filter effience;Small windrop.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Purification methods:

When the foggy(contained oil) is exhaust into the duct or pipe,they are  first to enter the primary device – purifying rectifier room, using gravity inertia purification technology, the special structure of the large size of indoor pollutants gradually graded physical separation and balance rectification. Separated oil droplets flow into the sump discharge of large particles under the action of its own weight. The remaining small particle contaminants from entering the secondary device – high voltage electrostatic field, electrostatic field part two, the first stage of ionization, a strong electric field of charged particles become charged particles, these charged particles reach the second level set immediately after the dust-collecting electrode adsorption, and some charring. Meanwhile, the high-voltage electrostatic field effectively degrade harmful ingredients, played disinfection, deodorization effect. Finally, through the grille, clean air from the outdoors.

The role of oil mist purifier
Reduce the impact on employees:
0.3 ~ 3.5UM mist particles will remain in the body, pose a health hazard.
Reduce accidents at work:
Oil mist deposited the work area, floors, walkways slippery, easy to create wrestling accident.
Reduce fire hazards:
Oil deposited on the walls, the ceiling, forming a potential fire hazard on the device.
Reduced consumption of coolant:
Mist recovered can be reused for the plant to reduce the economic costs of coolant.

Mist purifier Features

● durable and efficient filtration efficiency; in addition to the smoke, excellent defogging performance. Electrostatic air purification device can capture almost all the fine dust and mist droplets demisting high efficiency (99%), and maintain long-term stable.
● Easy to install, each collector can be mounted directly on the machine, on the stand, easy assembly and disassembly;
● Maintenance is simple, easy to clean, no need to replace the filter, permanent use;
● small pressure loss, low energy consumption. Electrostatic air cleaning device is the use of the Coulomb force collecting dust, so only the burden of carrying the flue gas fan and therefore little resistance to airflow 100 ~ 300Pa. Further, although the operating voltage electrostatic air cleaning apparatus itself is high, but the current is very small, and therefore, electrostatic air cleaning device of electric power consumed is very small.

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Duct Oil mist eliminator installation

Use and maintenance

Under normal circumstances the cleaning cycle, quarterly or half a year, once cleaned.
Cleaning methods and cleaning costs themselves, do not ask a professional to clean, easy to save money. Direct rinse with tap water after cleaning will not have any impact on the electric field of purification efficiency, energy consumption and power consumption without affecting the impact resistance.
Life without replacement, the service life of 20 years.
Pipe cleaning pipe cleaning without the need for special occasions special circumstances can greatly reduce the number of cleanings.
Resistance energy consumption by about 20Pa, reduce air conditioning power consumption, energy savings of about 12%.
Wearing parts, supplies metal filters, electronic dust collector, no wearing parts, no consumables.

Buying Guide to “Oil mist eliminator for kitchen grease duct
  • The Oil mist eliminator for kitchen grease duct is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Electronic air cleaner”


Electronic air cleaner,also named Electronic air filter, is an advanced, high-tech air purification device.It combines efficient dust collection, sterilization, kill the virus, remove bad smell gas, degradation of organic waste in one unit. Its installation is simple and easy to use,high purification efficiency, lower manufacturing cost, high reliability, continuous operation without replacement,washable and low maintenance costs, etc.

Electronic air cleaner is components by metal filters, high voltage separator, baghouse, cold catalyst filter, lysozyme filter . Large size of dust particles in the air are the early effect filters, smaller particles into the air into the ionization region, has been given a high voltage ionization positive charge, while negatively charged plate through the dust when positively charged particles are adsorb dust board. A strong electric field can be produced high energy plasma breakdown particles adhered bacterial surface, viral and microbial cell wall, cytoplasm or nucleus thoroughly destroy the cell electrolyte balance, which rapidly kill. In the process of generating plasma, high-frequency discharge opening instant high-energy chemical bonds of certain hazardous gas molecules to break down into harmless molecules elemental or plasma contains a large number of high-energy electrons, ions, excited particles and have strong oxidizing hydroxyl radical, the average energy of these particles is higher than the bond energy of active harmful gas molecules, they are harmful gas molecules frequently collide, open harmful gas molecular bond, while there will be a large amount of OH, HO2 , O and other highly oxidizing free radicals and O3, they react chemically with the harmful gas molecules generate harmless product, polluted air full of clean governance.


1, purifying air volume: clean air volume unit is 2000 ~ 3500m3 /h, can be combined using the maximum air volume limit.

2, can be made using a flexible combination according to customer requirements, new docking central air inlet and return air.

3, the application flexible and diverse, with air conditioning systems with the use of air-handling equipment can also be used as duct air purifiers, piping connected to the air supply system or return air system, as well as send, return air static press box.

4, automatically adjust the electric field strength, so that the purification equipment in the long run remains a high purification rate. Its working status clearly indicated by the lights.

5, easy to control, provides three switch shock signal management system for dust-free link to use.

6, well-designed security system-wide, high-voltage power supply unit body epoxy designed to tightly closed, safe and reliable.

7, static power control system with automatic overcurrent and overvoltage protection device to ensure stable operation of equipment. Faulty operation or long periods of cleaning, air purifier will automatically stop working.

8, low maintenance cost, you can wash with water directly, without affecting the purification efficiency.

9, easy to install and easy to use….

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