Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe sheet


Supply Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe belt,exported by China manufacturer,12V,24V,48V,220V, various sizes,accept customized dimension.It is a high-quality heating solution for oil drums used in industrial settings. The heating belt is made of durable silicone rubber material and heating element,the using life can be over 5 years. It is easy to install and operates,energy-efficient and safe to use. The heating element is evenly distributed across the belt’s surface, ensuring consistent heating of the oil inside the drum.

  • It can be used as: Oil drum heating sheet,Cylinder object heating belt,Flat object heating plate,Mobile phone repairing table heating sheet,3D print heating sheet,Round objects heating panel,USB interface heating plate,Explosion-proof heating plate,etc.
  • Accept Customized size & Customized power;
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Models & Details for “Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe belt”

 Silicone rubber heating sheet used to heat oil drum

Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe sheet 1

Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe sheet 2

Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe sheet 3

About thermostat(temperature controller) for the heating belt?

How to install and operate thermostat on the heating belt

Intelligent digital display temperature controllor :
Feature: Can keep at a certain temperature, or can keep at a certain temperature range, and the temperature numerical value can be displayed on the screen.,
The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily.It can be pasted anywhere on the heating plate, or can be attached to the outside by connecting a power cord .The temperature control accuracy is high, which is suitable for industries that require high temperature control accuracy. There are three types as following:
Type A: Can remote control temperature, temperature control and adjustment range 10-110°C, temperature measurement accuracy ±1°C, voltage: 85-250V, maximum load 2KW, The remote control distance is 15-20 meters.
Type B: Easy to operate, temperature control and adjustment range 20-190°C, temperature measurement accuracy of ±1 °C.Voltage: 12V, 24V, 220V, maximum load
Type C: Small size, temperature control and adjustment range 0-300°C, temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C.Voltage: 110V, 220V, maximum load 6KW.

Mechanical knob temperature controllor:
Feature: with engraving plate, rotate to adjust the temperature within a certain temperature range.The commonly used temperature adjustment ranges are:
0-60°C, 30-150°C, 50-200°C.It can be pasted at any position on the heating plate/belt, or can be attached to outside by connecting a power cord wire.
The temperature control accuracy is general, and it is suitable for use in the thermal insulation and antifreeze industry where the accuracy of temperature control is not high.

Built-in constant temperature controllor:
1. It is built into the outlet position of the heating plate/belt/panel, and the temperature cannot be adjusted.Could not be hanged outside.Common temperature
is an interval of 5°C, such as 30°C, 35°C, 40°C,… … to 180°C.The temperature control accuracy is general, suitable for temperature control the thermal insulation and antifreeze industry with low accuracy requirements of temperature.

Note: You can choose the appropriate temperature controller according to your actual requirements or consult us, or you can choose the model which no need temperature controller;
Let us know the type of temperature sensor probe you need, we will install the probe, and you can connect the temperature control by yourself,it`s easy.

Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe sheet 4

Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe sheet 5

Using fields of “Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe belt”

Oil drum heating with silicon heating sheet

cylinder heater with silicon heating belt

heating plate with silicon heating sheet

Mobile phone repairing table heating sheet

3D print heating sheet

Silicon round heating plate

USB interface heating plate

explosion-proof heating plate

How to purchase “Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe belt”

  • The heating belt is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us by Online inquiry (click here)
  • Or contact us to email:

Silicone rubber heater/plate/sheet/belt ordering instructions:

Product specifications: As shown in the classification [50*50 12V] means length 50mm*width 50mm, rated voltage is 12V; [200*300 220V] means that the length is 200mm*width is 300mm and the rated voltage is 220V.

Regarding customization, you need to pay attention to:
1. Specific size: length (mm)*width (mm), the default thickness is 1.6-1.8mm (can be thickened according to customer needs),

The default lead wire length is 300mm (can be lengthened according to customer needs).Other all sizes can be customized according to your requirements.

2. Operating voltage: the voltage is not limited (5v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 110v, 220v, 380v, etc. can be used), generally large sizes use high voltage, and small sizes use low voltage, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

Friendly reminder: household power supply voltage is always 220V, industrial commonly used power supply is 220V and three-phase power 380V, mobile phone charger power bank
and the USB interface such as the computer is 5V.

3. Heating power: the unit power is 0.01-2W/cm2.Generally, we make it 0.5W/cm2, and the temperature at this power can reach 150-180℃ at highest. If you need low temperature, we can do low power.Please inform us your specific needs,
we can recommend and calculate the heating power for you according to your needs.

4. Temperature control and adjustment: If the heating plate needs to be controlled within a certain temperature range, a thermostat needs to be installed.We have a variety of different types of temperature control types for you to choose from (please refer to the details above)

General knowledge for “Oil drum heating belt heater silicone rubber heating stripe belt”

The silicone rubber heater is mainly composed of a nickel-chromium alloy heating wire and a high-temperature silicone rubber insulating layer.,thickness os about 1.8mm.It has good flexibility even in low enviroment temerature. It is fast heating, uniform heating temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, convenient use, long safety life, not easy to age, and can be in very close contacting with the heated object. The heating element is processed by nickel-chrome wire or nickel alloy foil. Conventional Heating power 0.5W/cm², customized heating power range can be 0.1-1.2w/cm².

Silicone rubber heating plate (silicone rubber heating sheet or panel) is a thin sheet that generates heat when it is energized, with a standard thickness of 1.8mm. The heating element is made of nickel-chromium wire or nickel-chromium foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm to 0.10 mm etched into a certain shape. The two sides are covered with heat-conducting insulating materials, which are formed by high-temperature molding and aging heat treatment, so they have high reliability.

The silicone rubber heating plate is a red or orange soft film that can closely adhere to various curved surfaces. It can be made according to various shapes and powers. It technically breaks through the shortcomings of traditional heaters and can be heated more conveniently, and the shape can be changed as required.


  • Fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, strong plasticity;
  • Water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high electrical insulation strength;
  • High mechanical strength, mechanical pressure 100kg/cm²;
  • Small size, the heating element takes up almost no space during use;
  • Easy to use, because of its own insulation and no open flame, the process of heat preservation and heat insulation is greatly simplified;
  • Wide range of temperature resistance, -60℃~250℃, which is beyond the reach of general electrical appliances.
  • It can be made into any size, and the temperature control function can be assisted by the temperature controller.
  • The surface of the silicone heating plate can be waterproof, but it is not completely waterproof. If it is touched or splashed with conductive liquid such as water, it can be wiped off, and it cannot be placed or soaked in water.

Product Usage:

Silicone rubber heaters have a wide range of applications, and can be used in humid, non-explosive gas occasions, industrial equipment pipelines, tanks, etc. for mixing and heat preservation (oil drum heaters), and can be directly wrapped on the surface of the heated objects when used.

It can be used as auxiliary heating for freezing protection and air conditioning compressors, motors and other equipment. Protection of chassis in cold and humid environments, outdoor electronic devices, communication equipment, industrial ovens and thermal processing equipment, lamination equipment, experimental instrument container heating, mobile phone screen removal, thermal development of imaging equipment, locomotive oil tank, engine oil pan laying aid preheating,

It can be used as medical equipment and medical appliances (such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, health care corsets, body sculpting and slimming belts to compensate for heat, etc.).

Technical Parameters:

The highest temperature resistance of insulating materials: 250℃;

Maximum use temperature: 200℃;

Power error: ±8%

Power density: 0.1-1.2w/cm²;

Mechanical pressure: 100.0kg/cm²;

Insulation resistance: ≥50 MΩ

Electric strength: 1500v/5s

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